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    November 09, 2012



    *applauding* Good one!


    Always an excellent read over here.


    As a mother to two boys, yet to be...I am in tears. I will have a much deeper appreciation this Sunday after imagining them out "there".

    Donna Hearn

    As always very eloquent. November 11th plays a major role in my family, every generation of my family - on both sides - have had serving members. One of my uncles was 15 years old and lied about his age so he could join his brothers and go off to fight Hitler. I had 5 go and luckily 5 return - but never whole again. Now I am the mother of two serving members - my boys are the ages of your daughters. As important as remembering has always been to my family, now as the mother of 2 veterans (Afghanastan, Haiti, and others) puts a whole new twist on exactly what it means.We may not be in a "world war" situation. And THANK GOD! But our soldiers are seeing war. They are seeing the best and worst of humanity overseas on any given day. So, thank you for writing this. I, as a mother, appreciate it greatly.


    You brought tears to my eyes. I remember how happy I was when Nixon ended the conflict in Viet Nam. No more worry about my family and friends being drafted. Not going to go into whether war is necessary or not. This is the time to remember those who served, and the smaller subset of those who never came home.


    Oh Nils, you made me cry. Thank you.

    Diane Kerwin

    What a wonderful piece, Nils - my eyes were so full of tears it was difficult to focus. My late Father was a career soldier, joining up at 15 and serving 30yrs. He was captured at Dunkirk, and spent almost 4yrs as a prisoner of war in Stalag VIIIB in Silesia (Poland). He was repatriated in late 1943, he came home but never spoke of his experience. Some of those who were incarcerated were never the same again, home in body but not in spirit. Armistice Day and the sacrifices made should never be forgotten. Kudos to our Legionaires for taking the message to the schools every year.


    Hear, hear.

    *hushed applause*

    Well done, those who served in the face of the unimaginable. You have our thanks and our utmost respect.

    Mister Brian's Blog

    Hi there! Have you ever been involved a position when a person has stolen any of your personal ideas? Can't wait to hear from you.

    Catherine Ann

    Thank you

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