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    November 12, 2012



    Nils, you have an incredible gift to give, but a gift unopened by the recipient is just a box with some pretty paper on it.. The recipient of your gift is the audience. no matter who (whom?) it may be. You will never know who the audience might be of the writings you throw out there. New, rehashed, reworked, whatever, there is always an audience. Let them open their gifts. Keep writing

    Catherine Ann

    Your words do matter and they do touch.

    "When we look at our lives, or others’ lives, we often focus on what is not there – on what we haven’t achieved. It’s unfair, of course, because life is so designed that all of us fail in so many ways. Even the greatest baseball players who ever lived failed to hit the ball two-thirds of the time. No fisherman walks away having cleaned out the lake.

    Instead, let us judge ourselves on the quality of our character; on how much pleasure we can squeeze out of what life has dealt us; and on how much joy we create for the people we love."


    thanks for sharing your inspiration to re-dive back in - and looking forward to it!


    You just entered a writer's drought, that's all. Death has a way of shutting us down, leaving us to question what is important, or whether certain things even matter in this journey of life. And that feeling is not overtly noticeable all at once; sometimes it just sort of creeps up slowly and drains the life out of us. I would say you just needed time, and after time has passed, the inspiration to impell you to want to write once again. When you find that inspiration, Nils, I have no doubt you'll be able to write the hell out of anything you want to, and don't forget there are those of us who read your old columns about puppies and daughters and find ourselves laughing out loud. You wrote what we were thinking, what we were seeing in our every day and it made us laugh out loud. We could not have said it better ourselves. That was one of my favorite gifts you've shared. ;)

    Rainbow Motel

    Welcome back. I'm still in the game, but the audience is small. If I don't write...I go nuts. I write to keep the voices under control.

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