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    February 13, 2012



    Yay! We will so be there - can't wait! And I am so proud of you for doing this. :0)


    Seriously dude, my eyes welled up at the thought of all of this. I said dude in an attempt to make that previous sentence seem more masculine. Rock on Nils. Or French ballad on. Or pop-ish on.


    Also your writing style is never old to me....and never 2 solid jokes in the and a half at best

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    The moral of this story: It's okay to listen to the voices in your head if they're singing.


    Um...I got distracted by how much I love William and Bucky but . . . this is GREAT! I'll be there! I have PLANS now for February 25th.

    Catherine Ann

    Oh my! Yes! :)))

    Michael Williams

    I'm going to try and catch this Nils. Thanks to Cat for bringing it to my attention.
    All the best,


    Immense thanks to Rich, whom I now refer to as "your live-streaming friend". Looking forward to seeing you! hugs~


    Still love my Google Reader, which alerted me to a new post here.

    I have e-mailed my In-house Tech guy, plus my son the computer guru to learn how I can be there Central Time on 25 February.

    Catherine Ann

    Please note Everyone! Due to the upcoming Storm warning the show has been postponed to Sunday, February 26th. Nils birthday! Come on out and wish our singer a very Happy Birthday!

    Jolee Patkai

    Hey excited for this's going to be fun....see you tomorrow night! and an Early Happy Birthday to you!!

    Kate Ferris

    Nils, "Lullabye" was lovely. The line 'dressed only in moonlight' is magic! :) Can't wait to hear more.

    Kate Ferris

    Nils, dear fellow - what a HOOT!!! I loved what you did with Viking Funeral, and you're right - it's your kinda song! I think you got your gang of "Internets" going with the Saints segment. Can't wait to see it up on YouTube. (And thanks for your kind words. You're a Viking Prince, ya know . . .) <3


    Gotta thank all those tuning in online for the excellent feedback and help as I worked out some kinks. Great show and glad I could help. Special thanks to Nils and Catherine Ann for all the work and Hal Mills for hosting the event.

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