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    July 07, 2011



    Welcome back, geezer.

    And seize this opportunity to increase your penis size with a genuine faux Patek Philippe watch!!!

    Charlotte Hilliker

    So glad you're back! I love your writing!

    Kristine (not the cool one though)

    Oh finally.

    I can say with honesty that I added you on Facebook because I couldn't bear to NOT read your wittisisms (Is that a word? No? Tough.) and your I'll get them in stereo.

    Happy day indeed.


    Welcome back! Be sure to tweet new posts, too. You're so much fun to share.

    Saw something recently along the lines of there not being any such thing as writer's block, just the need to allow yourself to write poorly.

    J on the West Coast

    Dazzle me, I have high expectations of you!


    Wow - you are still on my Google Reader. Welcome back just in time for the new nostalgic blogging wave.

    von Krankipantzen

    YAY! Heeeeeee's baaaaack!


    i am new here but
    completely agree with
    the writing without purpose concept...
    and also the part about the excitement of just letting go
    and seeing what happens...

    looking forward to reading more...

    Rob Paterson

    Welcome home Nils - I have missed you here Rob

    Cath Manley

    Don't mind us. We're just going to sit back and enjoy your non-purposeful writing. Have at it! And yes. Welcome back. Cobwebs and all! (and hooray for friends like Cat!!!)


    So happy to see you're back here again! I always loved your posts. And I know I loved reading your parents' love story. So much laughter here, along with some tears. You've been missed here. I hope you enjoy it enough to keep on coming back.




    welcome back

    i agree... work without a purpose. some of my best creations are started in that manner.

    Emma Ham

    Welcome back! I can't tell you how good it is to see a new post. And huge thanks to Catherine Ann for giving you kick you needed to come back to us. xx

    Catherine Ann

    Many moons ago, long before I met you I went to the Harborfront Theatre to watch a performance of the much talked about "Maritime Star". I had no idea who you were but as I sat spellbound I wondered with awe who this wonderful writer "Nils Ling" was. I loved every syllable of every word of every line of that play. I have no doubt you'll repeat the thrill again and again and again. :)


    yay!!! glad to see ya back!


    Catherine Ann is my new internet hero! Thank her for me and thank YOU for listening to her!

    Patti Larsen

    YAY Nils! I totally agree with Cat... writing is a job, a career choice but it must ALWAYS be fun and fill you up!


    Hey, glad you're back! This site is getting about the same amount of attention as the Royal Tour. Can't wait to hear about your brush with 'the couple'. Heard you on CBC...not sure who enjoyed getting the invite or Allison!


    I look forward to read your art. Your blog has been an inspiration for my writing for many years and I hope it will inspire me to write more.


    Well, it's about time!


    Hi Nils. Nice to see you. :)


    Well this is an interesting turn of events. Looking forward to your return.


    I just thought I'd check on you here for the heck of it and *bam* there was a new post! Phenomenal! Welcome back...


    Kelly Rinne

    about damn f-ing time. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. Catherine Ann is one smart cookie.


    FINALLY!!! Not being a Facebook or Twitter user I was following your column in the Carlyle Observer. This is much better.

    Schadenfreude Warehouse

    Oh. My. God. You're back! I can't wait to read more. It's been awhile, so there are some things about me and my blog(s) that I'll need to tell you. I'll be sending you a FB message. Until then...


    You mean to say this is 6 weeks old, and I just found it this morning in mid-August!?! after school starts!?!

    Well, it's good to know you are blogging again. Now I will put Truths and Half Truths in my Google Reader to let it keep track of posts.
    Actually had to do the same with my own blog, which has become sporadic as well.


    Oh jeez. I missed the Carlyle Observer all this time? I never knew. Once again, I'm late to the party, but found myself wondering today... " did anything ever happen with that blog o' Nils?" Your meanderings here have been pretty awesome - and yes... your parents love story was what kept me coming back. I'll have to wander back a bit more often - even occasional updates are nice to see.

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