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    July 18, 2011



    I'm sorry for your loss, and even more so, happy for your having been blessed with such a mother.

    Charlotte Hilliker

    Thank you for sharing another glimpse into your family with us, Nils. Much love and peace to you and yours.


    "Instead, do something loving for someone special to you. That was how Mary lived and why she was loved so deeply by all whose lives she touched and changed."

    No better tribute could ever be uttered.


    So sorry to hear of your Mom's passing but thank you for the glimpse into her life...

    Schadenfreude Warehouse

    I don't have to tell you how lucky you were/are. This was a tribute fit for royalty. You did your mom proud, Nils.


    Your Mom sounds sorry for your loss.

    Rob Paterson

    Thank you for telling us about your mum and your parents marriage - an inspiration - Rob

    Emma Ham

    I think the most beautiful writing that I've seen from you comes from you writing about your family and, specifically, your parents. This is a wonderful tribute to someone who sounds like a wonderful person. You know I am sorry for your loss but I am glad that you are able to share some of her with those of us who didn't have the honour of knowing your mother in real life. xxx



    Again I am sorry for your loss.


    My condolences for your loss. Your writing is, as always, very beautiful.


    I went back to read the line about having a birthday December 7. My husband's grandmother also had that date, and also put a certain scowl with her eyebrows when anyone mentioned how the attack on Pearl Harbor dampened any other celebrations, even tho we celebrated her 100th before she left us.
    With September 11 anniversary coming up, I am going to make sure that a certain not-so-little boy gets a real birthday card with a big number 10 on it. The afternoon he was born had beautiful weather, and we live nowhere near the crisis area.

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