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    October 07, 2008



    What a wonderful post. I loved the video! How can I get teary over people I don't know?!? You're obviously a marvelous father, and they seem very lucky to have found one another. Congrats!


    Read the post, looked at the pictures, viewed the videos. I would love to comment just now, but the cuteness -- it hath slain me.


    What, you're calling that a post?! Oh HELL no it ain't... that there's just a blatant manipulation of people's tear ducts is what it is.

    Seems like this year's turning out okay afterall for your family, if such a wonderful event can take place. Congrats to all, again. Love is truly a beautiful thing.


    I am overwhelmed with cuteness and all that love.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I love how you managed to sneak a potty-training picture in there. Well played on YOUR part.

    von Krankipantzen

    Seriously, dude, I pride myself on being the bitter curmudgeonly one who laughs at others in teary moments but you totally got me. Very nice. And is that OWEN?!? WALKING!?!

    Oh jeeeeez...


    I'm at work, so haven't checked the photos or the videos, that will be later. But the text was beautiful. Thanks for wonderful recounting. I'm sure those who weren't there in the physical were still there in your love.


    Allie is stunning. Very beautiful. I was able to see the pictures, but videos are blocked at work, so I will have to check those out at home.

    Very nice post to go along with the pictures as well. Congratulation, Allie!

    apathy lounge

    Damn your eyes for making me get a lump in my throat! Both for the sweetness in these photographs...but also for the memories of times gone by in my own life with my own little family. Dammit!


    Aww, beautiful pics and post as usual! Congrats to Allie and Trevor. :)


    Sonnny, True Love is the greatest thing in the world.....except...


    Charlotte: I dunno that you have to know people to get all misty about their happiness. Happens to me all the time.

    CK: Yeah, I did post a warning on that. It still slays me.

    Shari: Yeah, been a roller coaster of a year - some bad, some wonderful. This fits into the latter category. And I didn't think it was blatant. Subtle was what I was going for.

    Deneen: Yeah, cuteness AND love? Overwhelming.

    Bucky: Never underestimate my capacity for revenge.

    Kranki: That is indeed Owen. He'll be one year old this week. He motors along, don't he?

    Squirl: Yeah, there were folks missing. But we felt the love, for sure.

    Katie: I think it's a good thing they're blocked at work. People would crowd around to see why you kept going "Awwwww!"", then everybody gets fired, and we don't want that.

    WG: A lump in the throat is a good thing. It's nice to remember them when they were sweet, innocent, and not raiding your wallet ...

    Laura: Thanks, darlin' ... You were one of those here in spirit :)

    William: ... except for a nice MLT, a mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe. They're so perky. I love that.


    I have met the delightful Allison (she's the close friend of my adopted daughter who is now teaching in England and was unable to attend the wedding) in real life numerous times. The pictures are gorgeous, but she looks that beautiful in real life, too.
    You done good, Dad. Congrats.


    Lori: I take no credit for her looks. But I done good in other ways. She's a lovely, kind, thoughtful, smart, funny human being. I was smart enough to get out of the way and let all that goodness reach full flower.


    I'm so glad you told me that this was up. Yes, I know it comes to something when you have to phone your friend in England to say, "Read my blog, dammit!" but it was worth it. Allie looks beautiful and I can't believe how cute (and big!) Owen is looking these days. I can imagine you were an emotional wreck by the end of it.

    Loads of love from both Stumpy and I to all of you. Oh, and I will visit again before the weekend, I promise. :0)


    The Kept Woman

    Thank you SO much for sharing all of that with us! I loved the video that you put together- so know how I feel about you but Allison is one lucky girl to have a daddy like you.

    And now I'm gonna need a tissue...and it's not fromthe stupid onions I'm cutting up either.


    Nils, I would never, ever presume to say that Allison got those looks from you! On a serious note though, you said it so well: so much of parenting successfully is getting out of the way and letting them bloom on their own. You've obviously done that. Allison is sweet, charming and delightful. Takes after her mother, you say?


    TKW: How nice of you to say so. I feel much luckier than either of my girls.

    Lori: The looks, they got from Mom. The charming and delightful? All me.


    Platypus: I haven't posted in so long that I'm amazed people even found this - that I didn't have to phone EVERYBODY. It was so wrong of me to fall out of touch like that, to not post for so long ... DON'T YOU THINK?


    You are awesome.


    Wonderful in many ways. Thanks for letting us in on it.


    Couldn't watch the pics before, as I was at work....
    I cried and I barely know her. I can only imagine what happened at the reception. Wonderful, simply wonderful.
    And you know Fred Penner?! Why were you holding out on us? Isn't that worth a whole post? That's like knowing God. We play six degrees of separation in our house a lot. I'm one degree away from George W and crew and this is (needless to say) much better!!


    Oh how I loved your daughters picture with the pooch--

    the videos were lovely as well



    Holy crap. I have never been to a lovelier wedding. I laughed, I cried. Thanks for this. It was a most delightful few minutes of my evening. All blessings to the happy couple.


    AH HA!

    I KNEW that was Fred Penner! HOW COOL IS THAT! He is one of my kids' favourites. And you KNOW HIM!?!? Wow...but do you know Alan Thicke?? Or Bruce Willis?? Eh?? LOL My cousin babysat Robin and Brennan while Alan was doing "Thicke of the Night" way back when. Then he went on to be in some of the Die Hards and Screams and co-star with Tom Hanks in "The Burbs" and all kinds of silly stuff. He actually introduced Bruce and Demi. So how cool am I now?? LOL

    Sorry, I am just so in awe of the fact that you know Fred. LOL Ok, moving on...

    I have not checked in months since you have been grieving and so sad, I thought you would be gone for a long time. I totally spaced Allie's wedding! So glad I came back. How awesome was this to come back to!

    Owen has grown so much!! I guess that is what happens. My fave pic was the one of Allie asleep on her back, sucking her thumb with her one leg thrown across the other one...SO CUTE!

    Congrats! Looks like a lovely day. My daughter just turned eight and seeing you and Allie walk down the aisle...I cried thinking of my husband and daughter doing that 15-35 years from now.


    If you're going to make snarky comments you really should e-mail them to me. You know, in case it's over a week before I get back to your blog. I will post but right now I don't have anything to say. And I'm busy, you know, with ... stuff. ;0)


    Torrie: aw, thanks, darlin'. I'm not - in any way - but it's always nice to hear.

    Mrs. Dof: You're most welcome. Hey ... had to invite my friends, didn't I?

    Lori: Yep, Fred Penner. Story to follow.

    Dagny: Thanks ... Allison was determined to have her picture taken with all her pets. Roxy didn't understand what was going on, and just wished everybody would get the hell out of her house.

    Susie: I love that this all brightened your day. It was a bright day for us, too.

    Lowa: That's one of my favourite pictures of Allie. I also love the one of her knee deep in the water, wearing just her underpants. I look at her face in that pic and see all the joy in the world.

    Platy: I am sorry you were surprised that I made a snarky comment. Given your shock, here are some other things that may surprise you: Christmas is on Dec. 25th. It will get colder this winter, followed by a warmer spring and an even warmer summer. The sun will rise in the east. Hmm. This could become a long list ...


    To steal one of your phrases: bite me arse... ;0)

    Allister Thomas

    I remember when I heard that Eric Nagler song when I was a kid and I loved it so much. As I got older I only remembered the chorus and when my son turned 7, I would have to make up the verses to song and add my own funny lines to make him laugh or say eewwwww.

    I decided to search for that song because I haven't heard it in over 20 years and to my surprise you posted to words to that song on this site. Also, to read that you and your daughter sang this on her wedding day was very sweet. It made this big burly black guy smile and shed a tear. LOL. I'm still in search for that song. Wish me luck.

    Cheers to you man and I really hope all the best to you, your family and your daughter.

    ...and try not to tease her so much. ;)

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