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    September 23, 2008



    She's such a beautiful bride! Best wishes to them both on this journey.

    Thank you for sharing with us, Nils.


    Congrats to the beautiful couple! And the bride's dad. :)


    Absolutely beautiful. And your daughter is lovely too!

    Heehee...just kidding!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Gaw-juss! Congrats to all. Can't wait to hear about the festivities.


    So very, very lovely... she's beaming in that picture! And why shouldn't she?! :)

    Thank you for this picture! We're waiting to hear all about the festivities, and see all the pictures, too. No pressure though, later today will be fine... ;)

    von Krankipantzen

    She is so stunning! What a beautiful day for your family.


    beautiful bride and not so bad groom. Still want more pictures. Sorry Stephen and I could'nt be there. Hope you gave them my e-mail congrats.


    whoa. HOW do you stand living with all that beautiful-ness around you??? your wife, your TWO daughters?

    thanks for sharing the photo... and for the reminder that there was also a dude in the photo.

    her smile is amazing... cant wait to hear more about the whole event!


    Meh... you've seen one bride, you've seen 'em all, right? I guess she's okay. ;)

    Stunning. Simply stunning!! I'm glad the day went off without a glitch. Congratulations all 'round!


    Beautiful! Congratulations, Allie!


    She's beautiful. Can't wait for the full post!

    apathy lounge

    As a mother of sons I know how easily the guy gets overlooked in these matters. So I want to give a shout out to the poor guy for being a willing Second Banana...because...sweet fancy Moses! Your daughter is stunning. Now, pull away from those family bosoms and get to blogging, Nils. We've missed you!


    Gorgeous. Much happiness to the newlyweds. :)


    She looks gorgeous and very happy. Congrats!


    She is stunning. I was trying to figure aout a Princess Bride quote ...but I can't come up with one.Stunning.

    Oh and Squirl said she "can't wait for the full post" Heh heh.

    Dagny/Twisted Uterus

    WOW- just beautiful. Congrats to all

    Kris T

    Just beautiful. Congratulations to all!

    Robert Paterson

    Aaaaah - Isn't this the pay off Nils for us as parents - now more grandchildren!

    The maid of honour

    William -- how 'bout something about their "Storybook Love" ... which Allie's friend sang during the signing of the register!


    She looked beautiful, and he is so handsome! Here's to a long and happy life together!

    Barbara and Phil Gallop

    What a beautiful bride and groom cant wait to see the other pictures. Congratulations to all


    Congratulations to the happy couple, actually to the whole fam damily.


    Awwww!! Hearty congrats to a GORGEOUS couple.


    I've seen better.


    You are such a blessed man. She is lovely and looks beyond happy. I wish them both lifetime of joy.


    somebody's a blessed, blessed man (you, i mean, although now he's the blessed one, but you've got the two lovely girls AND owen, so you win).

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