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    July 12, 2008


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Something about the apple and the tree springs immediately to mind.


    "... [D]reams about women and glasses of beer." ~James Taylor, Sweet Baby James

    Your dad's in good company.


    Dude, if your Dad is seeing Meg Ryan, can he ask her what the hell she did to her lips for me? Just say NO to collagen... sheesh.

    Kris T

    And why should't he? If this is what he's been dealt enjoy.. Have fun...I wish you full lips and big tits for as long as long as is! :)

    Nils I don't mean to be crass... but do you undertand what I mean ?

    William there anything else one should think about?


    OMG, it runs in the family, eh?


    Remembering my father and two adorable??? brothers, "YES" it definitly runs in the "MALE" side of the family.


    uhhh. sitting and staring into space thinking about naked women is an honourable past-time. ask your newly married niece. or maybe not. LOL

    glad to see new posts from you.. but sorry for why you are writing them.

    i would like to hear more about your niece's big gay wedding.



    Your dad sounds like an awesome man.

    von Krankipantzen

    Great minds think alike.


    He was Air Force, right? Figures....

    Missed you at Avonlea Village a few weeks ago. Will be there again this season with my redheaded niece and nephew. Might even step up and identify myself.

    apathy lounge

    Hey, man...whatever gets you through the night. Or day, for that matter. I miss you, Nilbo!


    From what I can gather from Twitter comments and such, I suspect that you are in need of good thoughts and some prayer about now. I am sorry-parting IS such a sweet sorrow.

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