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    May 01, 2008



    That is a GREAT story about your Mom. :) Truly.

    I've never heard that phrase before. My Mom just says "MAY DAY!"

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I'm heartened by the fact that you are carrying on this tradition. It's a better family heirloom than any china could be!

    (Although I think my neighbors would be annoyed if I screwed outside.)


    Really? In Canada??? Seems like it might still be a bit, um . . . chilly on May 1.

    This story is too funny. And yet, you also managed to bring a tear to my eye.

    (Although I read here from time to time, I think this is my first comment!)


    I can't wait till Owen goes to preschool and announces the same thing.... (g)


    Laura beat me to it.


    CK: It was probably my Mom's own invention. It's very "her".
    Bucky: I DO think of it as an heirloom. I plan to pass it along to my grandchildren.
    Sharkey: Welcome. And yes, it's 39 degrees and raining today - pretty cold for doing ANYTHING outside. But in some parts of Canada, May 1st can be warm enough for that. Or ... umm ... so I'm told.
    Laura and William: Don't think I won't be proud when he does!


    Well, outside "screwing" could actually mean just, y'know... screwing. With a screw and a drill gun. From Sears. I mean, that's what I'd tell the "Inappropriate" police, anyway.

    It's a rite of Spring, a horizontal thing. Sweetest sort of dance, hidden in among the plants. ~James Taylor, First Day of May

    Undercover Mutha

    We're building a metal house. There's screwing everyday! I would still call mom because I don't have a story as good as this from my childhood.

    Kris T

    Absolutley frickin fabulous story! Your mom sounds like she is/was a funny, smart, slightly naughty broad.

    (I mean that term in the most respectful way. It is meant with the highest esteem.)

    Broads are fun people

    Rob Paterson

    In England the Phrase was "Ditch F.....g" - I prefer your Mum's version.

    My mum is on her way to the same place as yours and it is so sad

    By the way Nils, infected by your enthusiasm, I hope to be a grandfather in October
    Best wishes Rob


    Shari: Love the JT lyric ... never heard that one!

    UM: I think "There's screwing every day at my house" would be an excellent tagline.

    KrisT: My Mom was a great broad.

    Rob: If all anybody is doing is hoping, then October might be a tad ambitious.


    I'm told that, back in the day, Maggie Palmer (friend and stage manager extraordinaire) used to announce that over the tannoy at the Stratford Festival each May 1st. Alas, I understand the tradition no longer exists.


    I love silly family traditions like that. It's a fitting tribute to your mom (who looks WAY younger than 40 in that picture!) that you're passing it on to your daughters.


    Loved the story. Brought some tears to my eyes. Thinking of you.


    again a photo with the white jeans - have you no shame Nils????


    your Mom rocks - you know somewhere in her head, she's still saying, "hurray, hurray"...

    apathy lounge

    Either I grew up in a country where repression was an Olympic event...or it was just that way in my family. Probably the latter. How lucky you are that your mom was blessed with a sense of humor and felt that part of good parenting was sharing it with children. You're a blessed man, Nils. Maybe it's not appropriate, but creating that kind of tradition with your kids is what keeps your mom's legacy alive. What a gift!


    Oh, I assumed by outside, she meant animals. Ya know. Birdies, chipmunks and the like?? Since it is Spring, that is what happens. I guess I was way off! LOL Guess my mind is not in the gutter as far as I thought:)

    I am so sorry that you are all going through this. I went through it with my grandmother and it is SO HARD for them to not know who you are, where they are, and on and on. I fear my MIL is heading down the same road. :(

    Glad to hear you are keeping up with the great traditions. Love the photo and also was tickled to see your new header up there with Wee Owen.

    I can't remember if I asked already ~ What name have you chosen for yourself? Gramps?? Grandad?? Grandpa??


    LOL, look at those two bald heads. Love the header pic!!!

    Congrats to Allie!!!!

    And to you, too. "Gramps" ;)


    Great story. I watched my paternal grandmother struggle with Alzheimers, and now my maternal grandmother is in its clutches. Painful to experience watching someone you love and remember as smart, witty and vibrant slip away from you.

    You are not alone, and cheers to you for caring one such a great tradition.


    Hey, are you ok?? Just busy I hope. You are freaking me out a little:(

    Just thinking of you! *HUG*


    So, my 10 yr old was standing beside me as your blog loaded this morning. Then she read "Hurray! Hurray! Outside scr... Uh, Mom...?"

    Me: "Go get your stuff ready for school please..."


    It's nearly the First of June, so please let Twitter rest awhile and toddle on over here.
    Abandoned blogs bother me ...

    Disgruntled in Brackley

    I was going to say the same thing ... well, a little less politely.
    More like "Give the frigging Twitter a break and update your blog already!"
    It doesn't have to be some deep thoughts, but I KNOW there's been things interesting enough to talk about here. Like, your adorable, hilarious grandson, for example.


    Hmmm... ok... June 3 (almost, as I type this) and no sign of a post from Nils. I guess he's still exhausted from all that outside screwing...

    Salena (The Daily Rant)

    I was directed to your blog by one of my readers. As I was just on PEI for the first time, she thought I'd find you interesting. And I'm glad the first thing I read was the story of your mother. What a wonderful memory.

    What's this Twitter thing everyone is talking about? Do you have another blog I should be checking??

    Evil Thinker

    I believe it's spring in the arctic PEI (i.e. it's finally golf season).

    Nils was last seen twittering over to the golf course. We should see him again for about five days in July.


    Are we going to post today? :) It's June already, hurray, hurray!
    And why did you delete my last comment? I merely mentioned your affinity for twittering around the golf course. geeze.


    ET's blogger service message

    OH! Well 'cuse me.

    After reading your email, I came running over to look for the arrows.

    Now, that doesn't look much like a decent arrow, Nils. It's very hard to see! Who notices a little squiggle like that? A half-assed arrow if I ever saw one. Frankly, I don't even know how YOU can see it. (g)

    A decent arrow would show up in bold with a larger font and would look similar to this: >.
    Or at least offer us an option!

    Thank you very much.


    well i'll be damned. In the previous comment, the arrow was cut off! In the preview, it showed up just fine.

    It should have had several dashes: ------->

    Would you like us to give you a meme?

    Ok, that's much better.
    And you should really get off the golf course for a change and write something decent.


    Hell, you could even write something INDECENT! We'd read it. We're like that, ya know.


    Owen is absolutely adorable! :) It is quite obvious to the new reader or very old friend that his grampa cherishes him and every moment shared with him even moreso.

    Lucky guy! (Both, actually)


    I miss you.Would love to read more love story about your folks. Again,I miss you.


    Helllloooooooo? Anybody there? Not on Twitter, not here ... not fair!


    Come on Nils. Your readers are waiting impatiently.


    I have un-lurked to say: Where the hell are you? Twitter my ass. Do you know how hard it is to maintain a good crush with an absentee crushee?


    Hey, Nils, Happy Father's Day!


    I thought I wished a Happy Father's day. hmmm, guess I must need to do some drugs or something...



    I am worried. Please set my mind at ease:)



    Today is the First of July!

    I hope all your family is as well as can be expected.


    I thought I said something on here...maybe not. Maybe you have not published it yet. I can't remember how your's is set up.

    PLEASE be OK. I am totally worrying:( I am scared there have been more deaths in your family or something:(

    Praying for you!


    I just googled the phrase "Hurray hurray, 1st of May" and landed here. My wife has a friend whose birthday is on May 1st. She recited the verse to her friend (whom had never heard it) and the friend confided that she and her husband love the, eh' hem, outdoor drilling act... My wife asked me to research a greeting card with the verse. So far, no luck, but I loved your blog. Celebrate your mom's memory and the memories you make with your children and grandchildren.

    Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA


    Today is the First of May, 2009.

    Although I come back sometimes to re-read blog posts, I do miss new entrys.

    Plus a picture now and then of grandbaby Owen would be wonderful.


    i hear a slightly difrent version of that every mayday "hurray hurray its the first of may outdoor f*cking starts today!" we shout it all day long on mayday around here


    I am reminded of the children's story I'll Love You Forever.

    It is your turn to call Mom and remind her what day it is with "Hurray. Hurray! The First of May! Outside screwing starts today!".

    "I'll love you forever. I'll love you for always. And always, forever. My baby you'll be."


    My parents alway said that on May First--- a tradition that my sister and I still carry on...

    Even before I read this article I call her and said Hooray Hooray the First of May---and she answered "Outdoor screwing starts today."

    Thought we were the only ones until I googled it.

    VA in PA

    Your story in uncanningly similar to mine. My mother too uttered the same phrase on May 1. Having been born and raised in NJ she, however, used the less politically correct "F" word. But to have known my mother was to love her. A classy dame in her own right. Although mom has been gone since 1986 I still can't help but think of my mom on this day. THanks for your post.

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