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    April 25, 2008



    That's because you live in CANADA.

    I thought it snowed there every day except for a couple of weeks in July-August.

    Lovely pictures, though...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    You can't be *totally* surprised by this, right? Disgusted, yes.


    I was wondering why the snowbirds hadn't gone home yet. lol

    And this would be beautiful, in December.

    Hang in there!


    Yeah, snow in April is always a drag.


    It has been freezing ass cold here this whole week too, with snow on and off since last weekend. I'm thinking spring has been cancelled this year, and we've skipped summer. We're now in the fall, with winter lurking not far away. God I hope I'm wrong.


    We haven't had proper snow in years so I'm very jealous. I also don't play golf so it wouldn't bother me that I couldn't play due to frozen balls or somesuch...


    Lovely pictures, but I'm glad I am here, where the temp tomorrow will be in the mid 70s. Ahhhhh.


    apathy lounge

    Today dawns cool and clear at 54 degrees which is awesome but NOT AT ALL THE NORM for almost-May in Texas, a state where the heat has got you panting like a dog and brain cells melt like crayons on a hot sidewalk. Snow? Well...we've got your hail the size of golfballs. We've got your 70 mph winds and rain that causes your roof to leak. We've got your tornadoes, too. But, no snow...thank the gods.

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