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    April 01, 2008



    Too sweet! Being a grandparent is something you can't really explain to anyone.We are on our last day of visiting our granddaughter in Toronto. She is ten months old and quite the entertainer. The wall plugs are childproofed, the stairs are childproofed, but there is no childproofing Nannie Jean and Grampa Dave's hearts.

    Just Some Girl in Ohio

    We just sent a 14 month old angel of whom we have had custody for the past 8 months back to her parents today. There is a huge hole right now. I know it will get better, and we will still get to see her, but it's not easy right now.


    Ah, it's plain to see he has you wrapped around his little finger! Nice to see you and your boy sharing some quality time. He's a cutie! :)


    Are you both looking at each other's reflection?




    Congrats to whomever captured this shot. It says it all. Fantastic.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    "What? Boobs aren't just for dinner?"

    "Trust your grandfather. Someday you'll understand."


    (LMAO @ Bucky)
    gawd, the ways you're going to corrupt this poor child....

    btw, frame this photo!!

    Robert Paterson


    Anastasia  Beaverhausen

    Only thing wrong with this picture? You're not leaning ALL THE WAY over to sniff the top of that gorgeous head!


    I think he likes you!

    Aren't grandkids the greatest gift?


    I see the resemblance--no hair!!

    He's a real sweetie though...

    von Krankipantzen

    Your very own Mini Me.


    I second what Effie said. Well, except that eventually Owen will have hair.


    Best picture ever.

    The Kept Woman

    That's great! You guys got matching haircuts!


    Ooooh, the hair jokes are flying fast and thick in this comment section! Too bad it doesn't grow that way, eh? ;)

    Sweet, sweet photo -- you really do look alike.


    uh-OH! ~~~somebody loves somebody!~~~

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