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    February 18, 2008



    My God, round and round they go! LOL


    You know, you really shouldn't starve those poor pups until they're ravenous. ;)


    You know, if you fed them more than once a week, they probably wouldn't do that... :)

    That's just the opposite of what happens at the circus. The clowns look at the food and turn their noses up at it... unless it's a chicken nugget or a french fry.


    Ha! I like the ones that climb in the middle and go for a ride while they munch.


    Do they always eat counter-clockwise?

    von Krankipantzen

    Kinda like a hurricane twirling along leaving a path of destruction in its wake.


    OMG, that's hilarious!! I got dizzy just watching! And they never even miss a beat, even when they get nudged out, or someone else steps into the moat on their nose!! Hilarious, I say!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    It does look like some kind of bizarre synchronized eating display. Could you put them in little costumes next time? Busby Berkeley, eat your heart out!


    vkranki, I think our mad coztuming skillz have been summoned!


    Yes, it's always counter-clockwise. Something to do with the hemisphere we're in, I think. If we were in Australia...


    (Local meteorologist with overdone hair): "And now, our Doppler radar is showing a concerning image. A Puppycaine, with heavy rotations and wind speeds of over 200 miles per hour, is upon us. This puppycaine is devastating effect on our kibble supply, Tom. A devastating effect! I'd advise everyone to take shelter until the damaging cuteness passes."

    (News anchor Tom): Awwwww! I want one!


    Oh god, my heart just melted.

    Congrats on finding them homes!

    Jim Fogg

    A welcome smile on a freezing Wednesday morning.

    Anastasia "Old Yeller" Beaverhausen

    That is the funniest thing ever. I wonder if they would circulate in the other direction if they were eating south of the equator.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Ms. Beaverhausen, when I see "eating south of the equator" I do not think of puppies.


    Ladies, ladies ... we are looking at baby puppies! Shame on you both.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Hey! Who you callin' a lady?


    That is so friggin' cute! I'm glad you have homes for the puppies.


    My diary just pinged up a note that today (26th) is your birthday. Happy Birthday, O Wise & Powerful One (did I get the title right?)unless my diary was wrong, in which case ... um ... Happy Tuesday 26th! (Traditional Bitish holiday. Ahem.) xx


    Happy Birthday Nils!


    Damn. That should have been British - and I know it's your birthday now so hope you're enjoying lots of cake and/or whiskey and diet coke with lime. :)


    Happy Birthday!


    I hear it's your birthday.. lol. Happy Birthday!


    Happy Birthday dude. Laura told me to come see the swirling puppies. What the hell were they eating anyway???


    So Laura over at Vitamin Sea says that today is your birthday.

    Well, I wish you a good one, spent with people that you love and those that love you. Many good wishes...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Day late and a dollar short. That's me. But...happy birthday anyhow!


    Dude, if you don't update your blog, the puppies are gonna have grandchildren...

    OldOldLady Of The Hillsl

    Well, that is the CUTEST! LOL! They are so squirmy and sweet,,,,! I came over to see your "signs", but this was delightful....!
    I'll come back again, later...!
    My "Signs" are up now!

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