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    December 27, 2007



    Please let the record show that I had no part in the purchasing of this outfit. I hope the kid won't hate me for those pictures. But I guess it's one of those mandatory photos -- naked screaming in the bath, first birthday cake smeared on face, getting caught playing in the trash, and Santa suit.


    Owen is way too cute and the Santa suit works well on him.

    I hope your trip to see your Dad is a good one.

    Safe journey.



    I am dead now.


    Biased or not. You are absolutely right. That is one cute baby! I love what Erin said! LOL That outfit is darling. Just perfect! I have not seen one with the belt on there as well. SO CUTE!

    Our kids were the same. I think a few of them threw a few tantrums when they were two or three. Which was fine. As babies?? Not a peep. Honestly. They would sometimes grunt and squirm and make upset faces, but as far as actually crying, they just didn't do it. Now my hubby and I see kids acting up and we look at each other and ask, "DID our kids do that?? I don't think they did. Did we just block it out??" Then we remember all the annoyed comments from friends over the years when our kids were calm and their's were flipping out! LOL Trouble is, they make up for it now with attitude. The teen and pre-teen, anyway.

    Hope your Dad feels better and that you get some good visiting time in. Wow. Winnipeg. Gonna be cold, eh??


    Geez Nils... couldn't you have found a cute baby to photograph?! *wink* Alright, alright... my head exploded. It did. He's dammit cute!!

    Safe travels, my friend. I'm sending good thoughts.


    Holy Crap! Now I have visions of cute babies in my head. Way to go Nilbo. Way to make my ovaries clinch. Bet my husband will want to thank you too.

    Safe journey. Will be thinking good thoughts for you and your parents.

    sara sue

    He might possibly be the cutest baby EVER! Will there be movies soon??

    I hope you have a safe trip and a memorable visit with your family. Happy New Year to you too, Dear Nils!


    Oooohhhh... what a cutie! I put a hat on before I looked at the pictures. Now I have a contained mess. :)

    Wishing you safe travels, and a Happy 2008.


    Santa on cloud sheets is soooo precious!
    and the song Walking in the Air on my Kenny Loggins DECEMBER album has become my latest earworm.

    "Beginner's model" is a nice way to describe a contented baby.
    Our first son was more like a prototype, then our babies got easier as they came along.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Even my cold, black heart melted just a little bit at these pictures. But, um, don't let that get around. I don't want people thinking they can leave babies in baskets on my porch; I draw the line there.

    Hugs to you and your family. And...puppies!


    Every time I come to look at him (and it's been quite a few times), the song that starts playing in my head is, "Santa, Baby," which isn't quite right, except maybe it is, because I don't get much farther than those two words.
    He's exceedingly adorable.


    Thinking of you and your family, Nils.


    Hope everything's going as well as it can for you and your family right now. Oh, yeah, and cute baby.

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