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    December 18, 2007



    Oh, this is interesting. I'm supposed to be studying for finals, but shh. Well, I wandered over here after blog-hopping. Dooce posted a link to Bucky 4-Eyes blog, she linked to Kalki's blog, and you had commented on Kalki's blog. Yea, that sounds about right. I think your parents' love story is some of the best stuff I've read, and I remember eagerly awaiting each part of the story. =]

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Blame it on Dooce and the rolling pin.

    ps - why is Typepad pegging me as comment spam? The rolling pin is free, I swear, I'm not trying to charge you for it!


    Well, I had stumbled across this blog called "Poop and Boogies" which is a riot by the way, and saw that he had suggested reading this blog about this man who was writing about his parent's love story. So I checked it out and have been here ever since.


    We crossed paths at Klog and at Desperate Working Momma and Very ZEN too many times for me not stop by.
    Back when your blog was all black with white letters and moody. At that time you reccomened the blog Standing on the Box, which is a blog about a bouncer in NY city. I used to "stand on the BOx" and I loved that blog and figured you had some taste.

    I have always felt and still think that you are the best commenter in the world. I think it has been a little over two years since I first visited here.

    Kristine -Random and Odd

    you found me first, at a time when I had something to write that wasn't BLAH.

    I have loved you since.

    Just Some Girl in Ohio

    Like a few others who have already commented and I'm sure many more who haven't yet, I found your blog during your telling of your parents' love story. How many readers did you pick up at that time, I wonder. But I loved that story, and have stuck around ever since. As much as you protest about the kittens and puppies, it's obvious that you love....well, okay, enjoy being a foster parent to them. And your pride in your grandson and his mother are so evident. I was upset when you said you were done blogging, and thrilled when you couldn't stay away. And hey, I've even finally started commenting! So, thanks for created a comfortable place to visit.


    You messaged me one night out of the blue, and the rest is history. ;)


    From Megan (long gone) and Spoonie's blogs. I had to take a look at your blogroll to remember that because I was drawing a complete blank. Also? Your lovely cds arrived today and we played the Roches for the party we were having. Totally awesome. You're so thoughtful!


    You would have to blame a combination of MetroDad and William at Poop and Boogies. I found Poop and Boogies through Metrodad and when William (who is very funny btw) suggested reading your parents' love story I came over and got hooked.

    mama of 4

    I read your column every week in our local newspaper. It is so well-written and funny. I started reading your blog almost a year ago, and loved reading your parents' story and seeing pictures of your new grandson. Thank-you for the great stories. Thank-you for good grammar, and spelling, sentence structure (I had almost given up on our local newspaper, it was so frustrating to read).


    I'm another poopandboogies convert. I dont remember how exactly, but I somehow got into that metrodad and william loop too - I have zero clue how I got there to begin with. However, the parents story ( award-winning - even though it may not have won any yet) hooked me and inspired me to go back and read some of your older stuff. (it also got me to get several other people hooked :) 'tis an awesome blog and even though I've spent most of my time lurking - I feel like I've gotten to know you and yours from this tiny online connection.


    I was born. That's all it took.


    Well, it's one of those old stories of the blogosphere...Dooce comments section, snarky retorts, I was hooked.


    Same old, same old. Dooce comments for me too. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I still had a dial-up internet connection. And now you've corrupted my daughter as well...

    I am not comment spam - what's going on?!


    Several months ago i popped over from the "Baby poop and business suits" blog. Your style of writing, and some of the sincerity that comes out in your posts when you talk about your daughters, are the primary reasons i keep visiting. That, plus the Maritime touch in your posts, which brings nostalgic to this misplaced Calgarian.

    From your blog links, i have become a regular visitor of 3 other blogs: "William", "Lowa", and "Kalki". i appreciate and enjoy the humour and frankness with which all of you express yourselves.


    Dooce comments... some time in the Jurassic period.


    Well, I remember you always had some of the best Dooce comments, but I don't actually remember how I started reading you or how we came to be friends. But regardless, I'm glad I found you. :)


    I can't remember back that far!
    I plead the Fifth.
    Or is it Alzheminer's?
    Did you find the radio show first? Honestly, I can't remember.
    BTW - I miss our chats on the phone.


    Same as a few others, I came here through the link William put up on Poop and Boogies - when you wrote the story of your parents. His site was given to me by a coworker who reads metro dad. I have been very hooked since then. I love your writing, your outlook on life, and your humor. :)

    And huh. I found dooce's site through you. Although I only check hers every once in a while, and I check yours almost every day. :)


    It has been a while since I found you. I think it was from Amanda's blog. I forget what you said and what we were talking about, but I loved your comment and decided to check you out. Then you commented on my blog and said some very nice things. I forget what about, but I was touched. I felt a connection, you being Canadian and all. You mentioned Old Dutch chips and the rest is history!

    I actually found Poop and Boogies from Amanda's blog as well. I miss her:( Hope she is doing well.

    I was here long before you started your parents' love story and can't keep away. As is evident by my often disjointed and rambling comments. It was also you commenting on Amanda's site soon before she left us that clued me in to the fact that I may also have ADD.

    VERY helpful!

    Merry Christmas Gramps!


    I am pretty sure it was by way of Amanda that I got here. Liked what I saw and now lurk like a madwoman. And shamelessly use your blogroll as my own.


    Dooce comments. I remember when you offered to lick the rolling pin. It wasn't too long after that I came over to check out your site.

    von Krankipantzen

    I cannot remember but it was probably something to do with Dooce, Spoonleg or HDL.

    Have a great Christmas with the new wee grandchild.


    You took me to task for a sarky comment I made to another commenter on Dooce's blog, and reminded me that it was supposed to be a "happy place." I emailed you to thank you for putting things back into perspective in such a civil and even kind manner. And then you invited me to read the latest installment of "A Love Story." Been hooked ever since.


    I dropped in from the Apathy Lounge. Your parents love story was wonderful. My husband and I met in the Montego Bay airport in Jamaica and got married a year later.


    Have we met?


    OK, OK... I'm just messing with you. As I recall, it was something to do with Bucky and having your junk in her trunk one day, or something like that. Plus, I saw you all the days at Susie Fairchild's and Squirl's fine establishments. So finally, I made the trip up here to PEI on the internets, and there ya go.


    Poop and Boogies for me your blog and your entries about your grandbaby were just precious. Merry Christmas!



    HDL, Dooce or AmandaB

    i think


    sara sue



    Dooce. Taking nothing away from Heather, but I went there for the party, after I discovered there was a party. I tried to be polite and comment on the daily post, but I really came to hang out with Bucky, you . . . most of the people I know as online friends, I met there. I go read her site sometimes, and skim the comments (when there are any) and . . . the glory days are over, there, from my perch. And of course, I can never forget that you directed Rosie to my blog. And hey, William should get some kinda kick-back from you, sending you all these people!


    Somebody read your blog, and then they told two friends, and they told two friends...

    I don't remember but it's a pretty safe bet I found you through Megan.

    You really are a joy to read.

    Julio Cesar

    Hmm... It's been a while... I guess through Sherri's or Krankipantzen's?

    Anyway, I enjoy reading about your travels and your everyday life. I liked some of your pictures and really loved your Parent's saga and loving the "Nemo's" one (just kiding, just kiding!!!)

    Regards from Mexico City.

    Jim Fogg

    Met you the first time at Classics Pool Hall, I was with Rick Selby and he introduced us.

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