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    December 16, 2007



    Aw... sorry you're not feeling well. Hope the hibernation day gets you feeling better soon. Go Blue... whatever-they-are, y'know, that one Canadian football team you're so fond of? Go them!!


    I'm all for no leaving the house today. As for watching football, er, no thank you. I'd rather nap and recuperate after yesterday's birthday party for Buddy. A few of our guests didn't show up because of nasty colds such as yours. Those that did show, had to brave the winter weather on their way home. What was supposed to be an inch or so of snow turned into over six inches of snow and icy conditions.

    Rest, drink plenty of fluids and rest some more. (Maybe some honey and lemon?) Tomorrow will be better.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Does this mean no one is coming to shovel my driveway?


    wow...we only have a few measly inches of snow, and i'm hibernating. but then i loathe snow. enjoy your football game =]


    Awww, Shari, aren't you adorable? The Winnipeg Blue Bombers finished their season in November with an unfortunate loss in the Grey Cup. But points for trying. No, today I was watching one of my other teams - the Pats - stretch out their undefeated string.

    CK - Hot lemon and honey, as you well know, is the Devil's Cocktail. And yes, I've been offered it several times. I'll stick with my rye, thanks.

    Bucky - I'd be the first to volunteer to shovel your driveway, but a) I'm way over here and you're way over there; 2) You had your shovel thiefed; and c) I may have some shovelling of my own to do tomorrow morning.

    Gora - Lucky you. I love snow at the start of the season, but it doesn't take too many trips outside with the shovel before I'm cursing it.


    Ah Nils I knew there was a reason I liked you. Im a Bostonian transplanted to Las Vegas, so therefore a Pats fan. What do you think? Undefeated season?Sorry to say, It's 50 and sunny here today. Hope you feel better soon!


    PS: I hate snow and don't miss it in any way!


    Ah, KrisT - Never apologize for good weather. It never lasts, and we don't want to have to apologize when it's pleasant here and hideously hot there. And I think yes - an undefeated season is likely. But I am ever the optimist.


    Just finished the shoveling out here on the *other* side of Michigan. The only thing getting me through it was the thought that once I was done I could fix a tall drink.
    That sound you hear?
    Alcohol making its way into a glass with ice.


    Stay by the fire, and feel better. I'll just be dreaming of a white Christmas here.

    Eggnog n Rum!

    ~Oh, the weather up North is frightful~
    ~and the weather down South is delightful~
    ~It's 40 degrees, and sunny on the beachhh~
    ~walking in a winter wonderlandddd~

    (we are mixing two songs today)

    ~on the beach we can build a sandman~
    ~and pretend that he is Nils without a cold~
    ~we'll have lots of fun with Mr. Sandman~
    ~till the tide comes in and knocks him downnn~


    ~When it snows ain't it thrillin,
    ~you can blog while you are sneezin~
    ~Frolic and play, the internet way~
    ~typin' in a winter wonderlandddd~


    Ohhhh... I love the snow and cold weather! As long as I don't actually have to go outside in it.

    It *is* pretty to look at.


    Sorry about your cold, hope it's better now. We got about a foot of snow here. That was enough snow for me for the whole rest of the season. Actually, it was more than enough. I live here because of my family, friends, and job. I don't live here because I like the snow. I always am dreaming of a green Christmas. If that makes me the Grinch then, well, he was green too.

    I think it's time for another glass of wine. Hope you're doing okay up there.

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