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    December 23, 2007



    OK, first paragraph? That's me. And I'm not pregnant.


    oh I love Holly! She looks like a beagle, right? Well she's precious, and you are doing a really great thing by helping her out.

    And? I love that Jesus is putting the smackdown on total losers that deserve it.


    Everything you say: true. My oldest sons worked on an Eagle Scout project not long ago that involved building new pens/etc for the local Humane Society. Naturally, my oldest wanted to bring home every dog in the place, which we were not able to do...naturally. I do feel better knowing that the two dogs we had were adopted because either the people who had them didn't want them anymore (and they were given to us) or they were abandoned and we took them in then. Ditto for the three kittens we adopted this summer who were thrown into a paper bag and left out on a rural road to die. I doubt real people could get more love than those three kittens did in our house! The the burial one of them will get this week will rival a state funeral. Keep spreading the word.


    Yes, I know what you mean. You get so much more out of it than what you give, eh?? If I can speak for myself and my parents in their almost 40 years of being foster parents (to humans, not animals:)LOL)and my many years of growing up with foster siblings; we do it for selfish reasons. Sure, we love to help. But the reward of those giggles and smiles and knowing those kids are being cared for and cuddled and loved and are safe, warm, fed, will for sure get the medications and medical care they need, is for US more so than them. Especially once my parents started only focusing on "Special needs" children. Hiv positive, fetal alcohol syndrome, cerebral palsy, blind, in wheelchairs, hyrdocephalus (sp??) etc etc. Wow, do they love caring for those kids!

    Anyway, I totally know what you mean. It always bothers my parents when people comment on how amazing they are, what patience they have, on and on. They almost feel guitly, because they get SO MUCH from it. So I know what you mean by fraudulent.

    And boy can I relate to Hollly's discomfort! I have not been pregnant in more than seven years, but just looking at her makes me hurt! One never forgets how it feels!

    I hope everything works out with a home for her, etc. And thanks so much for sharing all this with us. Too bad Owen wasn't a few years older, he would really enjoy those puppies, eh??


    What are you going to name this group? Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixxen, Rudolf, Nureyev, Trixie and Mittens!
    (I think that was their names...)
    And don't forget Olive! Olive the other reindog...~

    p.s...I hope you'll keep Holly. Labs make great family pets. ;)


    She looks so sweet. It's so true that animals give back so much love. The humans are the lucky one. :-)



    Seems to me, she is just what you needed this holiday season.


    Poor li'l girl, that's a miserable stage. Hope for her sake it's over soon! But if it happens tomorrow, y'know the story... as soon as she gets through the birth, the shepherds barge in, the wise men show up for the baby shower, and no one gets any sleep from then on, because next thing you know the king's trying to kill all the puppies, or something like that.

    Anyway, I'm so glad Holly's got your family. And you've got her for the moment. God bless us, every one.


    Merry Christmas! (pregnant pause.) And Happy New Year!
    (We are so looking forward to the next batch of photos.)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Merry Christmas, all y'all!

    And since no one else will say it, I will:

    Holly has some spectacular teats going on there.


    Merry Christmas, Nils, to all of you!


    a truly wonderful gift to the blogosphere. looking forward to sqooshy puppy goodness.

    BFE - we saved that comment just for you.



    Merry Christmas, ye of all species there.


    Merry Christmas

    Give Holly a smooch from all of us here in PA.

    BTW-I cannot foster animals...the last two I fostered 10 and 4 years ago are still here.

    I failed.

    Thank you for this post

    Spay and neuter. Adopt and rescue. Be part of the solution.

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