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    December 21, 2007



    Oh, that is the saddest story. How could a person move out and just leave their dog alone in the apartment!?

    Great Christmas spirit on that grinch.

    I'm glad to hear her story will have a happy ending.


    Kudos to you for taking in a soon to be family in need.As a person who just agreed to foster 2 pugs til June(adding 2 our own 2 pugs and 2 elderly pissed off cats who live upstairs.) I am quickly understanding A: Why you say yes all the time. And B: Just how exasperating it can be even though you know it's a good thing.

    Bless you for being such a good man. Happy Christmas!


    The cruelty displayed by some people still amazes and disgusts me. Holly is one lucky lady.


    May visions of sugarplums and birdies dance in your head.


    ...who is sure he saw you on Compass tonight in the Farmers Market shoot.

    Shamelessly looking for camera many times did you walk past that cameraman?



    You have raised some fantastic women. That you and your family take on abandoned pets like this, well, it makes me think better things about humans. That pooch is a sweetheart. Good luck!


    I would just like to add that the news of foster puppies was not immediately met with a positive reaction. But, because it is Christmas, I got to pull out the trump card when the parents hesitated...

    "What, is there no room at the inn?"

    Honestly, how could they say no to that?


    A single, heavily pregnant female, at Christmas, looking for a place to stay... sounds vaguely familiar. Seriously, Allie never even gave you a chance.

    On another note, I hope little miss Holly learns from this experience -- being young, pregnant, and in trouble will NOT make you a pop star or her sister. It's a difficult lesson.

    Robert Paterson

    You guys are really wonderful
    Big hugs to the Lings


    How could someone leave a dog, let alone a pregnant one, behind in an apartment? I'm glad she was found. And even more glad that you guys are taking care of her until her pups are ready to be adopted.


    Holly is a lucky lucky dog


    you are all awesome for taking her in



    I can hardly wait for photos and video of those adorable little guys! Man, does Christmas get any better?? A new grandson AND puppies!??! COME ON!!

    Yes, it is truly just amazing what humans are capable of. Clearly, positive (YOU) and negative (the thoughtless person who abandoned poor Holly) and Praise God for the positive ones like you Lings!

    Don't skimp with the puppy goodness, eh?? PLEASE SHARE! It is not like you will be busy or anything?? Teehee that a whelping area you already have set up for her?? WOW! You guys are GOOOD!

    Merry Christmas!


    how is Roxy taking this news?


    Roxy doesn't want to talk about it.

    Just Some Girl in Ohio

    See? I told you you enjoy the puppies Allie brings home! LOL Have a great holiday and sniff some puppy breath for me!

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