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    November 29, 2007



    I stand in awe (well actually I'm sitting) of a man who makes his own fruitcake. But admit it, what you really like is rum, not cake ;)

    angela marie

    I just can't do it. Congrats on making a great fruitcake, but I am also as yicked-out when my British friend makes all eleven of hers and then stores them to top off with apricot preserves and whatever else she does to them just before giving them away for Christmas. (sorry, that was a loooong sentence).

    Aren't they quite expensive to make?


    Of COURSE they take a long time to bake! Fruitcakes are as dense as hell. Wrap a ransom note around ibe and heave it through the window of Donald Trump's house and you could do no less damage if you'd thrown a brick. You're right. It IS an acquired taste and I've just never been all that interested in acquiring it. Is that wrong?


    Candy: I'm not averse to rum, but my natural drink is a Prairie Wedding - rye and Coke (or in my case, Diet Coke). I loves me the fruitcake. And your awe is undeserved - recipes aren't hieroglyphics. Just follow 'em, and Presto.

    Angela: They're more expensive to make than most "normal" cakes. But what price Heaven?

    Wordgirl: More for me, darlin'. More for me.


    Yum. I'm not at all a fan of fruitcake, but I do love some rum.


    I almost ruined the fruitcakes by taking them out of the oven when the timer went off, since Dad had GONE OUT TO THE STORE AND LEFT THEM. Wouldn't have bothered me at all....gross.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Allie, isn't "ruined fruitcake" redundant?


    "let me assure you that folding five pounds of fruit into some dough is not easy. " why does that sound..I don't know...dirty?


    William - I'll tell you why that sounds dirty. Because it's Nils. Duh. ;)

    The lil Owen - adorable as usual.

    The fruitcake - what a waste of good rum. Now, having said that, I can understand the pride and joy at making a "new" and favorite treat on your own. Good job, Nils!


    Nils, you will appreciate this more than others: I would have some of your awesome fruitcake but I am, uh, allergic to it. Just like lobster.


    Ya gotta love the ladies at Craft Fairs who are always coming up with new ways to bring in money.
    Volunteer time sure costs too much.

    Baby Boy Owen (Love.That.Name.) is adorable.
    You should keep on telling Erin that no other mother ever in time has been bothered by the clinging. Unless she wants to use it as a good reason for the Nilbo to do childcare.

    Some recipes for Fruitcake bring about a very tasty product. My Grandma had one I liked and one that a cousin preferred. It's been ages since I read it over or baked one.
    Yours looks like a Keeper.


    Dude, anything that sits for a month unbottled should NOT be consumed. ***shudder*** All that wasted time, effort and rum... pity, really. ;)


    They look like such good cakes that I wish I liked them. Sadly, I'm with the ranks who don't - although every year I insist that we get a tiny Christmas Cake because it just wouldn't be the festive season without forcing down a tiny piece of rock-hard icing and marzipan-covered slab of fruit in booze...

    Owen is, as ever, gorgeous. Stumpy stopped by the blog yesterday and her poor cold-filled head almost exploded when she saw him in his hot dog costume from Halloween. She now understands why I dressed her as a pumpkin when she was 3...


    I am one of the few here who actually likes fruitcake. My mother did, too. For quite a few years I made rum cakes at the holidays. Couldn't do it last year. I don't think I will this year either. Still reminds me of my mother. She loooooved my rum cake.

    Maybe I'll make pecan rolls this year. The recipe takes two days to make. That's as much patience as I can handle when making baked goods.


    Squirl -- Two DAYS? Sheesh. My patience only lasts about an hour when it comes to baking for the holidays...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Let it be said that I am completely open to receiving pecan rolls.


    Bucky/Squirl - You can count me in for receiving pecan rolls, too if you need to get rid of any... ;)

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