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    November 03, 2007


    Erin, in disbelief

    YOU? Are finished your shopping? It's not even December yet! Now what am I gonna do on Christmas Eve if I don't have to wrap all of your "I'm just running to the store for some ... uhh... Coke..." presents?


    and you'd better have my birthday present bought. It comes first.


    Piece o' cake. Your birthday present was bought back in September. Now, don't you have a child you should be attending to?


    I was all set to hate you for the Christmas shopping thing, but then I read that you called our (temporarily) droopy Platy and helped her, and I could not hate you at all :)

    Hope you're weathering the weather well.


    I hope you made it through the worst part of the weekend weather. Hang in there, Monday's on the way. ;)


    We started our Christmas shopping this weekend, which is the earliest EVER.

    Stay safe...


    Welp, I hope y'all have recovered from that monumenntal event. Along the same lines, the temps were in the 50's here last night and it was BIG NEWS on the weather report this morning. :-)


    I hope you are not in the Atlantic.

    Finished your Christmas shopping huh. That's becasue you Canandian celebrate Christmas a month early or something...just like all the other holidays.


    I've only bought one gift so far. Feel free to mock me. Do you have enough books to read? Music to listen to? Because...those are important, too. Good luck to you, sweets! Don't forget to wear your galoshes.


    So.... shall we send the coast guard? C'mon, you can't just leave pending a hurricane and then not show back up to tell us you're fine, and that you went golfing afterall. Oh, and you can just send your shopping list over here since you're done with it. Thanks, by the way, for doing the hard part of choosing. All that remains now is for me to purchase those gifts, and assign them to people on my list. :)

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