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    November 17, 2007



    haha...i think i could use your help shopping =]


    So what were you doing in the women's clothing store anyway? (g)
    You did say you finished your Christmas shopping already, Unlike The Rest of Us. ;)


    Zoinks. Mellowing out in your (indirect) "old" age eh? Heheh...



    She never even had a chance. ;)


    Well said! *Ps stands up and applauds* I hope this gets published in someting where she reads it..I want her to read it and read all the comments you get too.
    I HATE such 'know it all' shop assistants too.


    You are exactly what Trinny and Susannah are missing... The three of you would be unstoppable.


    Perfect! Now, if only I had you by my side as I wistfully peruse the Louis Vuitton store here in the T-dot. I kind of feel like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.


    oh I am so the same way, because I sew and know *exactly* how much those garments cost to make.
    The markup?
    Beyond belief.



    This was AWESOME, as always!

    Thanks for another lovely laugh, Nils:)


    I would have paid cash money to hear you say that IN PERSON...TO HER FACE! Some things just need to be said, but knowing you were thinking it was enough.


    You are my hero.


    Don't you Canadians call Turtlenecks Tucs or something or other?


    I needed that giggle! Next time you're over you're definitely coming shopping with me - I need your fashion advice!

    angela marie



    Platy - I'd never want to go shopping with Nilbo... I just imagine him dressing me up in some really awful outfit, then convincing me to buy it and laughing about it later behind my back.


    Getting in touch with our inner bitch, are we? Zow! Remind me not to be solicitous if ever you come to my gym. ;)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Is there...something you'd like to tell us, Nilbo?

    The salesgirl was not assuming you were old...she was assuming you are a straight man, and therefore helpless in the maelstrom of women's fashion.

    sara sue

    I'm printing this and taking it with me on my next shopping trip for my nieces! You are brilliant, my friend, brilliant!


    Hey Nils! Did you buy anything? ;)

    My mom called me to tell me I should have read your article in the paper--it made her laugh and laugh...(about car seats)

    William, we call winter hats: toques

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I love the word "toque" - what happens when an American comes to Canada, asks for a hat but pronounces it like it's spelled, and winds up getting passed a doobie?


    At the risk of offending, I might want to agree with the young lady. I've seen you, and often look confused and lost no matter what door you may walk through. Just kiddin' Nils Great humor!


    i'm so taking you shopping with me next time i go! i might actually enjoy it for a change!

    I am Derby

    funniest thing I have read in a long while! thanks for the laugh

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