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    October 07, 2007



    Hee hee... great story about Martha Stewart there...

    I'm glad you and the Mrs. had a nice time. That is some beautiful scenery.


    Beautiful scenery. And, sorry to have to break it to you, but you're wife is soon to be sleeping with a grandfather.


    Congratulations! for three decades staying married, which is quite an accomplishment nowadays.
    Your little trip looks like a nice way to celebrate.

    I'm glad somebody likes Coke with must have bought up the portion I passed by.

    Great Martha Stewart story. I'm wondering why her cell phone wouldn't work. Bar Harbor must be too far from the network.
    Today's Chi Trib has a story about divas of the past.
    Martha seems tame by comparison.


    happy happy thanksgiving tomorrow!!! :) have a great day. :)


    tic. tic. Grimmace.

    wordgirl were in the United State? And you didn't even call? Well, I NEVER!


    Wow, 1500 whole feet, huh? Gee, could you even breathe at that altitude? Erm, I mean, how very lofty!

    I love Maine, and I'm glad you two had such a lovely time on your last anniversary as non-grandparents. ;)


    I love the shore. It is my favorite place. I am glad you had a lovely time. I was in Toys R Us this weekend too! I bought a Dora the Explorer swimsuit with matching hula skirt for only $3 of those little American dollars. SCORE!


    Gorgeous views. And nice legs.


    Diet Coke WITH LIME!

    tic tic *shudder*


    Heehee--my hubby and I were thinking of going to the States and doing the same thing...

    great Martha story...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Kind of jabs me back for all the "mini money" comments and the loonies I hand out to the homeless in Detroit...


    I went to Acadia / Bar Harbor a few years back for a geology trip in college. These pics really take me back!

    Thanks for sharing :)

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