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    October 31, 2007



    Awww ... thanks, Nils! :)

    But I see right through all this flattery. You just don't want me to hurt you. (Flexes giant biceps.)


    Some cold hard truths there. And confirmed what I have long suspected-I am my own worst enemy. I have not because I just sit here waiting for the Fed-Ex truck to deliver me the life I was supposed to have.


    Just from the little sample here, I know I will read and appreciate. From my own constantly evolving perspective, I will say I have a profoundly deepened appreciation for and belief in changing the things we can. Being faced with something that I (so far) have no power to change, makes me more determined than ever to do what I can, when and where I can.


    On my over there right now.


    Worth reading. Thanks for the link!! And the think.

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