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    October 30, 2007



    You forgot my favourite Granny-ism. When faced with a tearful daughter who was upset because someone at school didn't like her, she said quite matter-of-factly, "Do YOU like everybody? No? Then how can you expect everybody to like you?"


    I have just read this to Stumpy over the phone since she's just back at school as from tonight. She's over the moon that you posted her meme and says to say hi and to thank you very much. Also, I have to tell you that it was her 1st Bloggiversary on Saturday but that she was so busy being tall and seeing things that she forgot to post...

    From me, I like the sound of your mother - a wise lady indeed!


    Congrats! You made the elusive Platypus make an appearance!! (Hi Platy!)

    So both your parents are wise, eh? Sort of explains your ass, now doesn't it? ;)


    I agree with you on the rudeness thing. I often speak up as well, but sometimes am not brave enough. I always wish I HAD said something, though. Even when I am having a HORRID day, I avoid taking it out on anyone else.

    The stuff your Mum said was AWESOME! I am going to borrow some of the advice with my teen boys! Very useful!


    I don't know you, but you make me laugh. I am looking after 2 small children by myself while my husband is away on a military deployment. I struggle with it, and found you through a search for "being a good parent" . I couldn't agree more on the rudeness thing. Sometimes I rude but I will try from this day forward to be more polite and kind and encourage kindness in my children.

    My son's name is Owen!

    and he is super uber cute too.

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