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    October 31, 2007



    He looks like you in the second one. Not to say that you bear any resemblance whatsoever to a hot dog.

    Dorkiness is entirely hereditary. Embrace it :)


    What a cutie!

    Dad is warehouse store sized ketchup!

    My brother was a pickle for his first Halloween. :)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    When he gets teeth, he will most certainly bite you for your atrocious puns.

    (But even this black-hearted bitch has to admit that DAMN! that kid in that costume is fatteningly cute!)


    Oh look... he's a Halloweenie!!

    What?? No one else had said it yet. ;)


    Thanks, Shari, it needed to be said.

    He is a little cutie!


    So he went trick or treating as Oscar Mayer?


    Any kid who has a father who can dress up like that is a kid that's gonna grow up just fine. ;)

    And little owen does resemble you somewhat, bald as a hotdog and full of relish!


    Growing up in a house with a sense of humor...that kid is so lucky!


    Very creative.

    What a fun Dad Owen has! We never dress up and our kids wish we did.

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