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    October 15, 2007



    Ok, someone make sure that little boy never goes swimming in the deep. blue sea.


    Some instincts cannot...nay...WILL NOT be denied. What we seemingly do unconsciously is probably incredibly some point.


    I love love LOVE picturing all your readers at their desks turning their heads and trying to read upside down to see what the big deal is.

    And I am totally calling Owen Nemo.


    Ooh, OBLIN, that is wild. (Is your middle initial G, by any chance?)


    Thank god her favorite character wasn't Pinocchio.


    That is pretty cool.


    Hee hee hee... that is FUNNY!

    Lil Nemo. Hee.

    "You think you can do things, but you JUST CAN'T NEMO!"

    Oh yeah... perfect.

    Just don't let him touch the butt.


    (My kids have watched that movie A LOT.)


    There must have been some sort of subconscious choice in there somewhere, right? Brains work in really weird ways.


    The Owen/Nemo is a natural .. and was meant to be!!!!!!!

    OH .. I imagine that you are all in 7th Heaven and over the moon with this child.

    Owen already has a great grib on things!!!!!!!!! i.e. your fingers.

    And he is fortunate to have two great parents and,then, grandparents as a bonus ... so how is it sleeping with a grandma?

    and how does "J" feel about sleeping with a Grandpa?

    Oh are going to be such an amazing grandfather ... what a lucky child to be born into that family.

    Lots of love, happiness, and good wishes to all of you!!!!


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