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    October 09, 2007



    I remember this one from awhile ago, and you're right, it tugs at the heart strings!! :(


    What strength.

    And, no, my eyes aren't exactly dry right now.


    *drying eyes* That was good. Thanks.

    Happy Thanksgiving Nils...(a day late)


    Oh, yes, I meant to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, too!


    Imagine that. Amazing.

    Julio Cesar



    I just need a second to recover...

    When someone asks you what love is, you can forward them to watch this...



    Wow. Just wow.

    Thanks for posting that. I'm going to go and sit quietly to recover now. :)


    I remember seeing this story a few years back on an Ironman special on tv. Bawled my eyes out. Then and now. (Of course, regular Ironman stories make me cry, so I might not be the best litmus test.) What an amazing feat of love. A freaking Ironman!


    I am beyond a few tears. I am crying the ugly cry. At my desk-at work. That is one of the finest examples of pure love I have ever seen.


    Dammit! Now you've gone and done it! I've seen this before but it makes me cry more than the "Free Hugs" video on YouTube. The love of this man for his son is so...just...beyond words. And when you think of all the shitheels in this world who call themselves "Dad" when this guy is the real deal...


    I've never seen this before, but my sister has cerebral palsy and I've always thought my parents are heros. This is beautiful. Thank you. Oh my gosh I HAVE to stop crying now.


    I did not watch this. I recognize the photo from when I posted it on my blog some time ago. I wonder what it is like to watch this when you have not had a person like this in your life.

    My brother had the same medical/physical troubles as this guy, but more so. He died suddenly summer of 2005 at 13 years of age. My Dad has MD and could not do these things that this father could do. When he watches this, it makes him cry not only because he misses my brother, but he wishes he could have done these things for him. He would hook up gizmos behind the tractor and pull him on home made sleds and things. My brother would squeal with delight!

    Another thing that struck a chord with me, was the clip of them playing hockey and steering him in his wheelchair. We did the same thing with my brother, he was always the goalie and just LOVED it.

    When I am stronger, maybe I will watch this again. And you are right. Anyone who would not be touched by this certainly can't be human. Talk about an ugly cry, this is physcially painful for me to watch and I need lots of time to recover.

    Thanks for sharing this with people who have not seen it yet, Nils.


    Hey Nils-

    The Hoyts are fantastic!I'm originally from Boston, so I've known about them for years. I've seen them run the Boston Marathon many times. As an added bonus, I also have cerebral palsy, (though nowhere near as severe as Rick Hoyt) and if I ever have a "poor me" kind of day I remind myself just how lucky I am to be able to walk and get around compared what Rick has to deal with.

    Thanks for the visual reminder!


    Okay, I finally watched this. Tear up? Heck, how about abject bawling? I guess I'm human. It makes me realize how trivial my troubles are. And I agree with the person who says if someone asks you what love is, you can show them this clip. OMG, I am so blessed. Thank you.

    Some girl in Ohio

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