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    September 11, 2007



    I will admit to being afraid to click that link. Just as I was finally feeling like I was coming out of my own personal "great depression", 9/11/01 happened. I watched the towers fall over and over again in newscasts, felt loss and bewilderment in the pit of my stomach and cried for days and days... and I was lucky enough not to have had any "personal loss" from this horrible, horrible tragedy. I can not imagine what it must have been like for the people of New York, and those who felt the very direct blow of the loss.

    I still have a newspaper from the day after that I have never read. I know I should read it, I know I should click that link... I'm afraid of it all being "too real" again...

    The Kept Woman

    It's things like this that keep 9/11 a real, live event. Sometimes our memory can play tricks on us and things that were so emtionally charged a week, a month, a year ago suddenly seem distant and unattached.

    P.S. Ahhhhh-haaaaa! I didn't know you were back...sort of...anywho...addicting, isn't it?


    It's the part about the shirt cuff that gets me the most.


    I remember this one, and her story is timeless, Nils. I felt as if I was walking along with her, zig zagging up and down the streets and breathing in the dust and ashes, trying to get her home.
    I hope we never have to go through this again.


    Thanks Nils.


    This is so different from most things you read about 9/11.


    Hey Nils, have you seen this??

    WOW! I need to get over there. I wondered why you ever left the I see!!!

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