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    September 06, 2007


    sara sue

    Mission accomplished!

    Your daughter who is not at all like you

    How about reading this aloud, incredulous, to one's husband? Appropriate?


    Ahhh! 8th old stomping ground! Except...I was teaching English and not time management. Truthfully, I think I try to teach time management around our house as well, but no one listens. I hope you have better luck.


    8th graders, hmmmm. Don't they have short term memories? :)


    Great! I'm eager to see how a bunch of eighth-graders score on their chatting, blogging and golfing test!! ;)

    *ducks to avoid the pummeling*


    *off in a corner giggling with Shari*


    Hee hee, hope it went well.


    For a week, I've been a TA Sub in 7th grade classrooms.
    Susie's post and pictures about the tween years came at the best time for me.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Whoa, I didn't expect updates when I came here!

    Now I need time management training so that I can fit your blog back into my busy, busy days.

    (It's only fair I give you a spit-take opportunity also)


    Speaking of TIME management, isn't it TIME you updated your blog?
    Or did the 8th graders tie you up and send you rolling down the Devils Dip?


    How did the class go?

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