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    September 06, 2007



    HA! I *knew* it!

    You couldn't stay away.

    I knew you'd be back.

    and YAY! By the way... :)


    Atta kid -- keep doing us just for yourself. Wait. That didn't come out right at all.


    *blush* I just yelled "Yay!" in the office... And to think I sadly clicked on the link just because I missed the updates. I am very, very, very, very, very (to infinity!) glad that you've reconsidered. The blogosphere was infinitely poorer without you.

    This has made me realise that I'm acting like my 14 year-old daughter. I will bet you all the money in my pocket, however, that when I tell her you are back, she will shout "Yay!" as well!


    You need a euphemism for this. The comment makers who post the firebombs of "THAT'S IT! I AM OUT OF HERE!!!", etc., have (in my lexicon) "Flung the Golden Sombrero".

    But this is different. I think you have merely "Visited the Office Of Regret."


    Well, it's about time you realized that! ;)
    And don't forget to eat...


    That sounds like a very balanced and healthy approach to life and blogging.

    (Wait, is that really you, Nilbo?)



    The blog is easy to resent if it feels like an obligation. I no longer feel obligated to mine either - I only post when I feel like it, dammit.

    sara sue

    Well thank God! Good thing you didn't delete this thing in the heat of the moment, eh?


    Woohoo. Nils is back


    Hey, the blog is always here if you need it. And we're happy about that.


    Yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!

    Just some girl from Ohio

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