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    September 24, 2007



    Oh, Nils. This gave me chills, then tears. So wonderful, for Allison, and so well-deserved. We'd love to hear her play on here, you know.
    You must be (I know that you are) SO proud. And rightly so.
    I wish the fiddle-giver could be directed to read your post.


    I'm thrilled for Allison and proud for her...not to mention a little proud of the anonymous American person who purchased the instruments for people he would never meet. Allison proved herself worthy before she ever knew that such a gift might be possible. Still, what brought that man to Richard's place I'll never know, but I have to believe that his need to place two violins in good hands was more than a coincidence. I don't know what it is exactly, but it's wonderful.


    That is a very very very VERY cool story. I'm with Wordgirl -- it has to be more than a coincidence. I'll bet Allison is over the moon about it.

    Julio Cesar

    Thanks for sharing this story.

    It renewed my belief that there are so great people out there doing things just because.

    It is that, that makes us humans.

    Thanks again.


    Wonderful. Wonderful.


    I truly believe what goes around comes around.

    a really great story!


    I'm still working as a TA in 7th grade, and this week's subject in Language Arts is about acts of kindness and Pay It Forward.
    We even watched snippets of the movie.

    This tale of generosity in society is reinforcing lessons learned.
    I've got real tears spilling over at how sweet fortune has favored your family.

    I'll also put in a request to be able to listen to her play.


    That is such an awesome story.

    Dan MacDonald

    Some days you feel like the world has finally gone off the deep end. But then a story like this reaches out to pull you back from the abyss.


    I love it when things fall together and make sense. So often they don't, and I just shake my head in wonder. But this? This makes sense to me. And I'm so very glad for everyone -- Allie, the benefactor, the musical artisan, the audience... it's all so very good.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I hope we all get the chance to see Allie perform with her new "baby" someday!

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