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    August 19, 2007



    I like the footprint shot. Great texture.


    Great pictures! I love the pics with the hail and the flowers. The video reminds me of one of those "old time" (8 mm) movies my Mom has for some reason.

    Hail? Wow... I'll bet that was kinda freaky, huh?

    The Kept Woman

    Wicked awesome...LOVE the sky after the storm and your sexayyyyyy legs!!!

    P.S. Maybe I should send Alex Karras a tutu? He was on Webster, wasn't he?


    Reminds me of what they say about the sudden and very mercurial weather here in Texas. If you don't like it...just wait a minute.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    It was the Plague of Pea Hail. Repent, ye sinners, or God shall dent your unsheltered vehicles.


    Wow, that's scary! (The hail, not the legs.) Oh and I think God probably sounds like you, too... ;)



    I was all psyched up to hear your voice, but I couldn't hear anything:(

    I loved your meme. LOVED. Very nice to find out more. Dunno HOW you can hate horses, but we all have our "thing", eh?? teehee

    Hey, you don't know any Gaelic, do you?? The kids and I found an AWESOME song and I am trying to translate it into English. It would help if I could locate the lyrics...once I do though, I am gonna get it figured out! It is SO COOL! I loved watching your newly engaged daughter play them thingys before. I could listen to stuff like that for days on end...*contented sigh*


    I love the shots with the sun in the foreground and the dark skies behind. It does look like it was a wild few minutes!


    Got to love those late afternoon storms that make you sit up and notice them!


    That's just crazy! It's 100 degrees here.

    Great pics :D

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