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    August 12, 2007


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Oh, hell, I don't know anymore. I got so burned by my last bold move that I'd swear I can still smell my flesh cooking.


    I always go for it. But I wear a condom.


    I play it so safe, I don't even attempt golf. ;)

    Jim Fogg

    If you have the shot....take it! Always better to go out with your boots on.


    You didn't get to where you are in life by playing it safe, did ya? ;)


    "My opponent got up to hit his shot, and bailed out far to the left, well away from the hole (and the water)."

    Isn't the water on 13 mostly to the left? Been awhile since I was there.

    When I played tournament golf, that tournament was one of my favorites...and mostly because of the people and parties after.

    Without getting into wind conditions, whether my go-to shot was a fade or draw, and tendencies that day...I think you both made the right decision. I would hope I would have made the same ones, but tournaments always made me do funny things. That is why I stay away now.



    Dewsweeper: We played the back nine first on Sunday .. so this happened on was on what's listed as the "third hole" on the course. It became our "thirteenth Hole" ... so water front right.


    I'm with CK... I don't play golf, I climb mountains instead. ;)


    I am humbled in the presence of a true risk-taker. Kinda makes my gamble seem insignificant.


    Nah, I chickened out of the summit playing it safe. Next time though? Who knows. :)

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