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    August 08, 2007



    There are times when it’s not good to be below par. Look what the camera did to Jack’s legs:


    It's all about the camera angle. I always prefer it if someone taller than me takes my picture.

    (Also, they allow people to golf in Birkenstocks in Canada!?)


    sexy.. ;)


    Nils, you sexy, sexy bastard.

    I have that same problem with the extra 10 pounds -- but it's not just with cameras. It happens with mirrors and scales for me, too.


    No dear, they only look stumpy because of the farmer's tan.

    No matter. You're a total hunk.


    I see you play from the tips. I am impressed. Nothing like seeing the "whole course" as some infuriating low-handicap types say.


    Ortizzle...I'm afraid Jack really looks like that. Nils, on the other hand, looks pretty damned fabulous. I've never heard legs called pins before.


    Pins, stems, gams... I've heard those. Any others?


    If I knew anything about golf, I'm sure I'd be able to comment on what a beautiful course that must be, but the only area of expertise I have relative to those pictures is legs, which are sometimes called drumsticks, or stilts too, CK... I'll have to think if I've heard any other nicknames.


    Wow. CK is evidently a Flapper. Who knew?

    Ortizzle: I have never seen Jack Nicklaus in shorts before. Thank you for scarring my retinas.

    Ern: I don't think there's much a camera angle could do to add legs that aren't there. I've come to terms with the fact that I'll always have legs that are just barely long enough to reach me arse. And those aren't Birkies - they're special golf sandals with cleats.

    Dewmistress: Umm ... thank you. I admire your taste, if not your judgement.

    CK: I gave up on having scales around, the lyin' bastards. I'm about ready to give up on mirrors.

    Kalki: I'm stuck with a farmer's tan because of course no idiot would expose more flesh to the sun, given what we now know. My tan likes are interesting - besides some in the usual places, I have a lovely ring around my ankles, like I was standing in a tub of paint. And my left hand is very pale, from the golf glove. But you're right. I'm a hunk. A hunk of what is left to personal taste.

    Dewsweeper: I may play from the tips, but that doesn't mean I necessarily play WELL from them. It's nice, though, to have an excuse handy at the end of the round.

    Wow, Wordgirl: never heard anyone say "Check out the pins on that swell dame"? And you call yourself a film noir buff.

    CK: 23 - skidoo!

    Shari: you're a leg expert? Wow. I'm not an expert. I am, however, an avid hobbyist.


    I'm no flapper. I just watch a bunch of really old cartoons... ;)


    I thought I would mention that I believe that in your hand you have a Titleist 905R driver with a Adilla NV R-65gram shaft. My guess is a low kickpoint with a 3.0 torque.

    How did I do?


    Dead on, Dewsweeper. Allison is engaged to a professional golfer. I don't like to think of it as losing a daughter. I'm gaining some great hand-me-down clubs ...

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