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    August 27, 2007


    sara sue

    You'll be missed. Have a good break.

    Robert Paterson

    Have a good rest Nils


    We all gotta do what we gotta do. I visit here a lot more than I say something. I'll miss you. But hey, I have been saving the Love Story to read, so I'll have that! Yay, me! (Sorry, little digression there.)

    Please don't be a stranger. I think your life is getting bigger in wonderful ways. Enjoy.


    There comes a time in every young man's life when he needs to step away from the internets. Your time is now, I suppose. I found when I shut down my blog that I did a lot more living.

    Hope to see around, Nils.


    Wha? Huh? But... you can't! I mean, well, you CAN... but... damn. That sucks.

    (In other words, you'll be missed)


    Um, WHAT!? I knew the 'sphere felt off kilter this morning!

    Do what you have to do, my friend. Hopefully we'll still see you around here and there.


    I'll miss your crazy stories of daredevil-ism and portents.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Well, I can't say a thing, as I've threatened more than once to shut my blog down.

    Please do stop by and piss in my Cheerios any old time, though!


    Well sonofabitch. Seriously, what the fuck?!!

    It won't be the same without you - don't goooooo!!! [clinging to pantleg]


    This is amazing. Before I clicked on your blog, I was thinking, "I wonder if Nils needs a break." I have NO IDEA why. Then I saw what you said and I was sad, but not at all surprised. Kinda weird that I felt this coming.

    I will keep checking for you and TOTALLY understand:) My oldest son and I will both miss your wit and wisdom.

    Take care of yourself!



    Wow...I understand, but am saddened. I found your blog when you were writing the story of your parents, and I have been hooked ever since. My husband asks me who I'm reading, and I say some guy in Canada. I have loved your wit, your stories and your videos of cavorting puppies and kittens. I hope your hiatus isn't forever, and that if and when it ends, I can find my way back to your writing. Until then, take care and have a great life!

    Some girl in Ohio


    Nils, it is always a pleasure to read your work and to see your comments around the world.

    I will miss it.


    I, too, started reading your blog when you wrote about your parents. (Link'd via William's blog) I have enjoyed all of your writings, pictures, movies, and everything about your blog since then. I will certainly miss your posts, you are one of the few blogs that I check daily.

    Take care of yourself! Best wishes to you and your family.


    Well I will miss your wonderful posts but don't be a stranger. I've been terrible at keeping in touch this summer but I'll do better, I promise!

    I'll keep checking back in the hope that you reconsider...


    Wow,I came to see more about the person who writes about "Triangular Circles" and it looks like I just missed you.

    Thanks for filling me in about whale tails.

    Good Luck!


    I've been scarce too. I've also thought about pulling my blog, so I can't lecture you about that. I know you have a lot on your plate at the moment. I haven't been chatting too much or commenting. Hell...I haven't been doing much of anything. You know your limitations, as you said, but you'll be missed.

    The Kept Woman

    Are you planning a surprise visit to Wisconsin to come see me and you're just disguising it as a hiatus?!?!!? It's football season here...nothing says football like cheese curds, beer and tutus, my friend.

    Or maybe you're really taking a break. Been there...want to do that...enjoy your time away but we hope you'll be back.

    P.S. I promise a half nekkid cowboy hat picture in the near future JUST for you.


    awww, nils!!!
    good going, threatening a break - so TKW gets the half-nekkid cowgirl back up... i miss her too!

    seriously, i am so saddened by your post but i understand. thank you for sharing yourself with us, and especially your beautiful family and wacky resident and transient pets!

    i am glad i never read the whole story of your parents... i will now and maybe not miss you so much!

    take good care of yourself and peek your handsome face and crazy legs in here now and again!

    much love,


    You'll be missed. Your writing is so much fun. See you around.


    I am NOT a Nilboholic, okay? I can quit reading you any time I want. OKAY?? So, you don't really need to quit blogging, because I can handle it. I really can. *twitch* *twitch*


    Yeah. What Shari said.

    Seriously now, hasn't this gone on long enough already? It's been over a week...


    Say it ain't so.

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