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    August 18, 2007



    You can commiserate with Dagny about the horse hatred. :) I don't have strong opinions about them one way or the other. But they do seem awfully high maintenance = not too much fun.

    Also, there is NOTHING better than being in the hot tub, outside, while it snows. I LOVE that.


    "I loathe horses"

    I knew there was a reason I liked you.

    Recently I went to see a horse emergency, it was cut or had a fart cross ways, I really cannot recall. Anyways this client has been a client of the practices for way longer than I have been an associate (or Ass as we at the office say). After I look at the dog food on hoof, I mean horse, and do what needs to be done, the client asked how long I have been with the practice...when I tell her 7 years, she remarks that she had never met me before to which I respond...that is because I do not work on horses unless I have to as I really do no like them, they look at me funny and can bite, cows look at me nicely and cannot bite due to lack up upper incisors. All is said with a smile and all ends up well.


    I never forget to eat. I've never understood how that's even possible! Perhaps if I could forget to eat I wouldn't have to exercise as much... do you offer lessons?


    Maybe you should eat more often. then you wouldn't get into such moods. ;)


    What yep said ;)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    The one time I rode a horse, I spent the next two weeks feeling like I'd been violated with a giant redwood.


    Ern: Having snowflakes land on my nose while I'm in the hot tub? Heaven.

    TU: They DO look at us funny. Like "Come closer, I want to bite you."

    Shari: If only forgetting to eat = weight loss. Sadly, my body outsmarts me. Since it knows it might not eat again for 24 hours, it packs away all the food as fat. Much smarter would be to eat six small meals a day. But I'm not all that smart.

    Yep: Moods? Moi? Nah, I'm the model of consistency. No surprises.

    Lynnie: What I just said to Yep.


    Bucky: I don't want to know why or how you know how it feels to be violated by a giant redwood. No, wait. I DO want to know. In graphic detail.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    In truth, I've never been violated with anything larger than a sapling.


    You know, I had a comment, but after the exchange between you and Bucky, I find myself with nothing at all to add.

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