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    August 24, 2007



    "Bones heal. Pain is temporary. Glory lasts forever."

    I saw that on a t-shirt once.


    My most heroic act....ya got me thinking here.

    Might have been when I was 10 and I took my youngest sister in our little red wagon to the hospital because she had cut her foot on a piece of glass. I wrapped it up in a t-shirt we used as a bathing suit robe.

    We had been playing at a neighbor's house, and I dunno, I guess I thought since there was so much blood, she should go to the emergency room.
    The Receptionist had to call my dad to come and fill out the paperwork, and yes, my sister had to get a bit of glass removed and 3 stitches.

    I've never been the brave and daring type, who would go sailing on two wheels over a precipice.
    I can usually be found at the First Aid booth or in the kitchen, where you folks who are bolder always end up, one way or another.


    Perhaps the bravest act I've ever done is to say YES when the minister asked if I would take this man to be my lawfully wedded husband.
    Good Heavens, I certainly didn't know what I was getting into then, and still get up every morning wondering what's gonna happen next.

    We waited our turn today at the DMV to get new license plates for our recently purchased car.
    Our 4th vehicle.
    There are only 3 people who live here with the ability to drive.


    That's right, Nils. You're a legend in your own mind. ;)

    I used to do stupid things like that on my bike, although I don't know if they were heroic or not. I had a bike with the old fashioned banana seat, and I remember riding it really fast, to get it up to speed so that I could climb onto the seat in a standing position, and then slowly, take my arms off the handlebars so I was standing on the seat as the bike moved down the road, my arms outward to the wind. It took a lot of practice, and I was a regular acrobat, I thought. When you're 10, trust me, you can do these things.

    Those were the days when we rode without helmets. Nobody had a helmet! And I figured I knew what I was doing.
    Anyway, my mom saw me riding like that once and screamed that if she ever saw me doing it again, she'd take my bike away. dammit. Too many eyes in the neighborhood were willing to tell on me, so I stopped.
    But I still remember the feeling of flying down the road while standing on the bike!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I don't know that I've ever done anything heroic. I've done some really foolhardy things, though - does that count? Like, I don't know, leaving my husband, quitting my job, and moving to another state to be with somebody I met on the internet? Ouch. Oh, well; if we learn from our mistakes, then I must be just about the smartest motherfucker in the county.

    Laura: I still can't bring myself to wear a bike helmet. Of course, that may explain some of my decisions over the past few years as well. :D


    Bucky, I remember arguing with the kids to put it on, because it's the law here, and the parents can be charged if their kids aren't wearing helmets, especially on the way to school. So I'd finally get the helmet on the little buggers, and they'd turn to me and say, "where's YOUR helmet, Mom?"
    And I always thought, "HUH?"
    I didn't want to wear one cause I'd look like a dork. rofl

    Nils, I was wondering, do you have carpal tunnel in the wrist that was broken in two places?


    Laura: Not so much carpal tunnel, although my wrists do get stiff from time to time - but it's not just the one I broke (the right one). I am told by my local physiotherapist that it's possible the years I spent in high school working as an ice cream jockey (so hard to find proper saddles), repetitively scooping rock-hard ice cream, building up my forearms, may have offset the damage I did earlier in breaking it. My wrist problems now can be attributed to hours on the keyboard. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


    Sticking my arm in the wheel well of my mother-in-law's car in order to keep it from rolling down the driveway and completely over my almost-two-year-old son. She didn't use the emergency brake and the open car door struck my son and knocked him into the wheel's path as it attempted to coast down our driveway.

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