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    August 05, 2007



    This makes me smile so big. Embarrassingly big :D


    me too.

    Poor thing.


    Very, very tough to decide who is cuter.


    I'm a bitch. Am I allowed to sit on the lap, too?


    Susie: Making you smile makes me smile.

    Dewsweeper: Thanks, but I'm fine now.

    Ortizzle: Obviously me. I mean ... really.

    Kalki: As long as you don't shed. Or pee. I'm okay with you drooling, as always.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Well, where ELSE would you keep your faithful dog during a thunder storm?

    And when your dog pees in your lap? It means he loves you BEST.


    Awwww.... I think the dog isn't really afraid of thunder. I think it's just an excuse. I mean, if I were the dog, I'd probably do the same thing, and then laugh at how gullible humans can be. Really cute photo, though!


    Just like the tiny, barking purse dogs believe themselves to be so enormously ferocious, big dogs think they're small enough that they can squeeze into any space the desire. Even a lap. However, the reflection from the dog's eyes is scary and demonic...but in a good way.


    THEY desire. Sheesh!

    Rob Paterson

    Same here with Jay - big tough dog until Thunder Bumps - not only on my lap all 75 pounds of him but also in the bedroom. Mildred on the other hand takes it all in her stride.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Oops, I just called your bitch a "he" didn't I?

    Well, it's only fair...


    great haircut!!!
    Who's cuter? Well, Roxy obviously has the longest tongue...
    And I think you should have moved to the couch so she would have room to cuddle up with ya. ;)

    sara sue

    AWWWWW! That pic is right up there with kitty video!


    This weekend there were 4 guest dogs in the house for a grand total of 7 dogs...4 (a basset, cocker spaniel, springer spaniel and little black one) who needed a lap when there was thunder---my lap was like am amusement park ride--one up- one down, another up, another down.

    no pee, no drool, lots of hair and copious amounts of dog breath


    Awww... look at Nils tryin to look all irritated that there's a widdle puppy doggie on his wap...


    Bucky: She literally tried the broom closet first, but couldn't fit. And I have a pic of her huddled in Allison's clothes closet in a hamper. I was third choice.

    Shari: If you were the dog, I'd scratch behind your ear till your leg started jerking.

    Wordgirl: I couldn't figure out how to NOT make her eyes do that - I think I read somewhere that dogs' eyes are different from ours in how they reflect flashes. And yeah, she hasn't any idea of her own size.

    Rob: Yeah, you should see how tough Roxy is with the squirrels - Ms. Ferocious. But one rumble and shes a quivering mess.

    She: I'll tell my barber you like my haircut. (Note to self: she likes the job you did on your hair). He'll be pleased. ;)

    Sara: Yeah, now that the kitties are all gone (although the mommy cats somehow remain), I'll have to post pics of me to give you your recommended daily intake of cute.

    TU: My lap is always like an amusement park ride. All that's missing is the tattoo'd, toothless guy taking tickets and the sign saying "You must be THIS tall to ride"

    CK: You can get help with that speech impediment. And she's anything but "widdle".

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Your lap is an amusement park ride? Which one? The Scrambler? The Tilt-o-Whirl? The Zipper?

    I just hope nobody throws up.


    Bucky, I think that costs an extra ticket.


    Someone's had a haircut! ;)

    Very cute picture and I'm glad that you accept your position as Dog Protector and Provider of Squidginess. It's the law, you see...


    Wait, Roxy is tough on squirls????

    Oh wait, you said squirrels.

    Never mind...


    This was great! I let my kids read it and they laughed for a long time. Then I let my oldest just have freedom in your blog and he read into the wee hours of the morning. He loves it! LOL I have read favourite posts or let them read some here and there in the past. I had never let one loose in here before and he was pleased. We get such a kick out of your posts!

    Thanks for the laughs!

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