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    July 20, 2007



    I was studying at the bookstore cafe this afternoon, but I cleared out around suppertime when people started showing up with capes and trays of food.

    Have fun!


    Oh I wish we'd had The Wise & Powerful Nilbo at Borders last night. We had to make do with the guy who played the young Snape in the last film... I've finished the book and I loved it - and I really didn't think I would after all the rumours.


    Is the British English version sold in Canada?!!! Because I'm thinking the shipping from there would be cheaper than from the U.K. :-)))


    Oh Wise and Powerful Nilbo, will you come and watch my children for me? Apparently, they're a bit wound up on a little too much cake and ice cream from Sweet Pea's party...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Wise and Powerful Nilbo, will I wet myself in my sleep if I have one more beer before bedtime?


    So...what's for dinner, oh Wise and Powerful seer? Because I'll be damned if I know, and they KEEP ASKING.


    Two copies purchased in our household on early Saturday (12:30 a.m.)morning and one was finished last night whilst the other one was finished early this morning.


    Oh Wise and Powerful Nilbo...will I wake up covered in Bucky's Urine?


    Ok, forget watching my kids for me... they're at daycare now.

    I have a new question -- Why does Monday always seem to come around so quickly?

    Andy James

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    Hey, buddy! How about you quit spamming me and we'll be just fine, mmmkay? And while I might have been interested in that site before, I wouldn't go there at gunpoint now, just because you spammed. And I would discourage anyone else from going there, too. And if you took some time and found something productive to do with your talents, that might make ur LIFE more interesting. Now, with respect, piss off. Buddy.

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