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    July 16, 2007


    twisted uterus

    Oh how I want to come visit your island...still working on it...sadly not for the big Agriculture celebration.

    nice cow jam picture!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I'm not much on going on boats, but to go watch seals, I think I'd brave it!


    Amazing entry, Nils. Perhaps you should see Valerie about joining the Tourism department. This is the best promotion of PEI I have seen in a very long time. It makes me want to visit and I live here!


    To live where you live must be awesome. I also like the look you have going there in your "costume?"


    What a great post! I have a good friend who is an artist here in town. He's from Iowa and the hills and rolls of hay are some of his signature scenes on canvas. The day on the ferry sounds charming.


    That WAS some fast work on that play! I'm glad it was so well-received. (And William's right, the hat is very jaunty.)

    It looks beautiful there in the summer. And redrock! I thought the Southwest deserts had the corner on that commodity! Here, we are holed up in our houses, waiting for fall.


    Aren't you the image of dashing in that outfit!

    I was too distracted by your handsomeness to read. Or maybe it's my ADD :)


    Well, I don't know, we wait for ages for a post and then you turn out something like that. Beautiful pictures of the island, Seals, Allie's lovely engagement ring and you all done out in period costume.

    I don't envy you the wood stacking but everything else looks and sounds idyllic.


    All aboard, Captain.


    Sounds and looks dreamy. Congrats on the successful production! Now... get to work on that wood, eh?


    Wait... they have hydrants on the prairies?

    (Oh, and you'll be happy to know I'm not commenting AT ALL on the "you were born in WHAT century" line)

    And all feisty snarkiness aside... that is some really lovely, lovely homeland you have there, Mr. Ling. You do look rather dapper in your Captain Bull garb.

    Thank you for your "word tour" of Summer in PEI! :)

    The Kept Woman


    You really DO have cow traffic jams?

    I'm totally jealous.

    P.S. Summer is a time to stress out about winter being right around the corner for me...I'm telling you...I have issues.

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