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    July 23, 2007


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    OK, I have to say it:

    In the second picture, you look like maybe you're deriving the wrong kind of pleasure from the crystal ball.


    a) You didn't HAVE to say it. You WANTED to. 2) That is my face I make when I'm in the throes of mystical epiphany.


    See, I thought it looked like you were going to sneeze on the crystal ball in that second picture...


    Mystical Epiphany? is that what they call it in Canada?

    "So, Hoser, how was she? Eh?"

    "We picked up a two-four and went back to her place. I had a toe curling Mystical Epiphany and fell asleep."


    -crap I hit publish to quickly.--

    I was gonna end my little story with how she had an extra beer and wet the bed.


    I see you've dated Bucky, William.


    Oh Wise and Powerful Nilbo
    How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?


    Oh Wise and Powerful Nilbo:
    Will your first grandchild be a boy or a girl?


    Wise and Powerful.... pfffffffft! Wise ASS, maybe... ;)


    LOL, very cool!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Hey, hey, hey here...

    I don't ALWAYS wet the bed when I drink beer.

    Sometimes I wet the couch.

    Or the little rug in front of the sink in the kitchen.

    (That said, DID I date you, William? I used to drink a bit, you know, and sometimes the details are a bit, ah, elusive.)


    You are just the coolest, especially when it comes to angst-ridden teens. Bravo.


    I was hoping you performed at the local Harry Potter book launch again this time. Good advice on the tattoo.


    "ten tons of teen 'tude"... that's poetry right there :)

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