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    July 05, 2007



    Woo hoo! Congrats all round!!


    Woo hoo! Congrats all round!!


    I got so excited I commented twice.

    Um, not really sure how that happened.


    I got so excited I commented twice.

    Um, not really sure how that happened.


    I got so excited I commented twice.

    Um, not really sure how that happened.


    congratulations! that's so sweet.


    I think Squirl said it all! Several times! ;D

    Congrats, Allie and Trevor! That's awesome!


    Squirl: Thanks!
    Squirl: Thanks!
    Squirl: Don't worry about it, could happen to anybody.
    Squirl: Well, once...
    Squirl: OK, no more commenting till the meds kick in.
    Gora: Ain't it just?
    CK: She did (did ... did ..). And it IS awesome :)


    Now Allie's getting married? Jeebus I'm old. Why, wasn't it just yesterday when Allie and Erin were calling each other rude names in the kitchen while we grown-ups were trying to have a peaceful meal?

    Congratulations Allie and Trevor!


    This might be good for your golf game...


    Does Trevor know that he's about to become a foster parent to assorted cats and dogs of all kinds? ;)

    All kidding aside, Congrats to both of them!!! This is wonderful news, Nils. :)
    Can't wait to hear all about the wedding plans!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Yeah, do Allie and Trevor inherit whatever stray animals happen to be in your house at their time of marriage?

    (And, just once for me!)


    Congratulations to all. You are an exceptionally blessed family.


    huzzah! Mazeltov! um and that's WONDERFUL! And cute how she knew he was going to ask her...and how she asked if you were decent before barging in--I think I would have just barged in on my parents...


    Well, it's about damn time you blogged about this. (J.K.) (but not)

    Super congratulations to Allie & Trevor!! (Why do I get the feeling there might be a few pets around that household?! I am certain that will be a factor when they start house-hunting: big yard, room for foster pups & kitties...)


    That's a lovely photo! I'm pleased for Allie and Trevor, and wish them much joy together in their new home for stray animals. ;)

    sara sue

    What great news! Congrats to everyone!


    Congrats to you and Allison and Trevor

    Von Krankipantzen

    Awesome news! Congrats!


    Congratulations! Your family is wall-to-wall good news in the last year or two! Wedding! Baby! Another wedding!

    And the chicken-shits eventually come through. My husband carried the ring around in his pocket for a month before he got up the gumption to finally ask. And it's turned out ok anyway. ;)


    Such great news! Maybe your wedding gift to them could be a kennel...IN THEIR YARD (not yours!)


    congratulations to allie and trevor! (and to you too, nils...cuz after the wedding, it will be trevor getting those "guess where i am now..?" and "its only fiiiiive kitten, really" phone calls!) so i think you all win!

    PS - thats a gorgeous photo of Allie & Trevor!!!




    congrats, that's so cool! what a great picture. and i'm so glad you like your future son-in-law. that's always a plus.


    I couldn't be happier! Congratulations (again) to Trevor and Allie and you and Joyce and, well, everyone really! :)


    Yay!! Congrats to Allie and Trevor!


    Aw. Sniff. Congratulations to everyone! Especially chicken shit fiances!


    Oh how sweet! Congratulations! Allie and Trevor
    and to Erin and hubby on their first anniversary!

    At church this morning, I was holding the hands of the baby girl who was born on their wedding day. She hasn't taken her first solo steps yet, but it's gonna be soon, when she gains confidence.
    Also there was an announcement about a baby boy born yesterday 07-07-07.
    Good Times, Good News, yes indeedy....


    Congrats, Nils! If you think you're happy now, just wait until that little grandchild makes an appearance. Weddings and babies, it just doesn't get any better...especially when they come in that order!;-)

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I think weddings and babies are delightful, but only when they are someone else's.


    Bucky -- kinda like how I feel about kittens... ;D



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