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    June 06, 2007



    I've been away, too. It'll be nice to see you.


    Sure, whatever.


    There was a *pout* on the end of that, but it seems to have disappeared.


    So does that mean you've had to cut back on surfing porn, too? Geez, I bet you ARE ready to get back home! ;)


    awww, poor boo boo nilsy is homesick for his blogging buddies.. (g)


    Good manners...hahaha...that's a good one!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Oh, man...I always thought it was "Absence makes the heart grow *fungus*"

    Now I know why people never wanted my welcome-home gifts.

    Allie? Are you suggesting that your dear sweet father is somehow...rude?


    Hey, we've missed you too! Even those of us that have been crap at posting. :)


    I will totally understand if you haven't dropped by to say 'hi' on my blog, since you haven't done so in at least six months, LOL!

    But seriously, we all understand the pressures of travel and having to use 'borrowed computers' as well as 'borrowed computer time.' Enjoy the rest of your trip to the fullest and come back to delight us with your always entertaining vignettes of your travels.


    Now I have Pink Floyd going through my head.


    Shari's comment cracked me up! Hee hee...

    You just go on, do what you gotta do, have a life, whatever. We'll be here when you're done with the "more important stuff"... *sigh*

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