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    June 26, 2007



    Wooo... pwitty colors! I like this SO MUCH BETTER than gray! I really like that picture, too.


    Me too on loving the new shades! Gray is for winter which can be depressing enough as it is!


    Pretty summer colors! Unfortunate spelling problem with "colors", but never mind.


    Oh, Pretty! the lupines are blooming!
    Now I'll have to pull _Miss Rumphius_ off the shelf and give it a good read through.


    CK: So, you like it then? Figured you would. The picture comes from my back yard.

    Wordgirl: The grey seemed right for spring, but it's summer now. Glorious, far too short, wonderful summer.

    Ern: We Canadians are nothing without "u".

    MrsDoF: Better yet, pull down that copy of Anne of Green Gables.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I'm not usually a landscape painter, but that scenery is purty enough to inspire a change of subject matter.

    Of course, I'd have to add my own a fountain statue with a huge schlong.


    I haven't read Anne since I was very young. Still not ready to put my adult perspective on the wonder of the words.
    Your description of Anne's village and your daughter's acting ability gave me a nice update.

    However, I did order a copy of _The Summer of the Marco Polo_.


    What R U Wearin?


    So if I leave you a message on your chatline, isn't that pretty much the same as leaving a comment here? ;)


    Shari: Not quite the same. My comments can be seen by everyone. Your messages are only seen by me. And "So whut R U werin'?" constitutes online foreplay. The correct response is "Nuttin'. U?". "LOL" is optional. Or in this case, mandatory.


    I love your new look!

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