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    June 18, 2007



    Glad, glad, glad for you! The History Channel rocks and getting to write a play in which you will play a part sounds quite fine as well. You deserve it!

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    This doesn't mean you're planning on growing up, does it? We grasshoppers have to watch each other's backs.


    The History Channel? Wow. Just think of the amount of bedrooms you will "be" in.


    Yeah, William ... and how many women will go to sleep at the sound of my voice. Art imitates life ...


    Work, yeah, blah, blah... fame, fortune, and bill collectors..... but I'm still waiting for the vacation recap, complete with debauchery and plundering. Don't make me write my own stories here! ;)

    Congrats and felicitations!! They've chosen the right man for the job.


    WOW! This is exciting news indeed:)

    It was worth the wait for an update. This is just wonderful news!

    I am still craving the piles of yummies you posted pics of from the Farmer's Market in Granville Island. Need to get myself up there and partake. No excuse, I live close enough.

    Have a great week!


    thanks for the words about not knowing what you want to do when you grow up. it makes me feel better knowing i'm not alone :) i especially liked the sentence "I figure the answers will be revealed in the fullness of time". very comforting.


    It's comforting to know that you're older than me and still figuring out what to be when you grow up. And that maybe we're really never grown up - just passing from one phase to the next.


    Yay! M watches the History channel EVERY NIGHT before going to sleep. Which usually means I listen to the history channel for about an hour or so after he nods off.

    So, I hope it works out for both our sakes.

    P.S. Nils, I love your confidence and faith, through big changes and ups and downs and ups.

    You're inspiring. Thank you.


    I think the History Channel should be called the War Channel...but then, if you think about it, most of the History books are filled with war-stuff...

    I'll be on the look-out for you--that's my hubby's fave channel...

    and a play too?? Wowzers! Whenever I watch the maritime news (satellite tv'll do that to a person) I keep my ear out for your name--I know I'll hear it one of these times!!

    HOw's your daughter? Starting to show yet?


    Kudos, congratulations, and just plain smiles all around. In spite of the tight deadlines, I know you will enjoy your writing assignment to the hilt. Now... get on over to my blog and answer the question that's waiting for you over there. ;-)


    Oh, this is exciting! You have to let us know, when everything is set, so we know what to watch and when!

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