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    June 30, 2007



    That's it. I'm getting on a plane and coming to Canada. Pick me up at the airport?


    I'm glad you're having fun. You're just a big ol' softy now, aren't you?


    Awww.... kittens are so much cuter on the internet...


    Adorable! it's been years since ours were kittens.
    I'd forgotten how playful and energetic are the littluns.

    Your carpet cleaners are going to be grateful to you all over again.


    same blog as last time, for anyone who is interested

    Dad- wanna put a link up or something?

    Von Krankipantzen

    Oh Sweet Jesus.

    Kittehs are the best. 8 kittehs are the best x infinity.

    I dare you to get out of this one without a kitteh or two.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Hagrid has this look on his little face, like "I would be ever so comfortable at Bucky's house."

    I've got a fever...and the only cure is more kitteh videos!


    damn you! now i want another kitten. thanks a lot!


    I've been trying to avoid this post because, as the owner of 3 1/2 cats, I have very little will power for cute kittens.
    And Kelli is right, they're always cuter on the internet!


    Awww, they're so adorable!

    Also, I'm curious what sort of kitty slash film Laura is making. 1/2 a cat?


    Too, too cute. Congrats for helping the Humane Society out again - your family must be up for some sort of medal by now! Ye Gads, just the kitty litter alone! You and Alison should check out if you haven't been there already - I KNOW with your houseful of kittehs you have lots of material to post!


    Sorry, that's


    Kalki: Bring kitty litter. Lots of kitty litter.

    Platypus: I'm still a strong, tough, manly man. But oooo, widda kitties ...

    CK: Nah. Kitties are one of those few things that are better in real life.

    MrsDoF: So far, no carpet damage. But I wear shorts in the summer, so my legs are getting shredded.

    Allie: Done and done. Folks, click on the link top right.

    Kranki: If I could resist the puppies, I can resist the kittens.

    Bucky: More video to come. You can count on that.

    Candy: What a coincidence. I happen to have a few. I wonder if they'll fit in a #10 envelope?

    Laura: I could not release another cat into your custody, given the recent labour dispute I heard so much about chez Laura. Well, that and your drug-addicted dog.

    Ern: She doesn't make slash films. But she does work her poor cats half to death, forcing them to do gardening, house-cleaning, and God knows what else.

    IJ: Though I am not known for my humility, I can honestly say we get plenty of rewards just by sharing space with these critters. I may piss and moan about it, but I don't say "No", because damn, it's fun. And you can't have too much cute in your life.

    Oh, and that site is hilarious - thanks!


    Such a coincidence--today a cat gave birth to three kittens on my porch, and the kids and I, witnessed the whole thing.It was amazing.Then I come here and read about kittens :-) I'm happy, happy :-)


    sooooo cute!


    oh--Happy Canada Day! Watch some fireworks, eh?!


    Is it Canada Day? Happy Canada Day!

    Happy kitten day. I love the Potter-themed names.

    Videos are toooo adorable.


    Oh! That's far too much cute!! Good thing they have claws and teeth or you'd become an animal house!


    1/2 a cat!! A sweet little stray showed up at our front door one morning. I referred to her as our half cat, since I didn't take care of her full time.

    But when you feed a stray, it works it's way into your heart. I really cannot afford 4 cats and one "insulin dependent" doggie, and my daughter eventually had to take her to the SPCA.

    And yes, I fully expect my cats to do some work around here and earn their keep, but they sleep around all day and seem to work at their leisure instead. I'm a dog person by nature, and these cats are taking over my LIFE.

    Nils, you really do need to get tile floors... ;)

    bite me

    OPPPS! "its" not "it's"

    The apostrophe error! It drives the man insane! Sorry Nil's.


    More kitten videos, if you please...?


    arranged marriages should be, should not be outlawed

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