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    June 10, 2007


    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Welcome home, Travel Boy! I'll bet you can't even see the stains we all left on your furniture while you were gone...

    (Sorry 'bout the crack pipe burns on the ottoman)


    If you can't find your dog, I locked him up in the barn down the road aways.
    Which barn... you'll have to find out.


    ...and I only partook of said crack under pain of death and because Bucky said it would help me to see God as well as a lot of other stuff that didn't happen except that I have a terrific headache and some wiseguy cut a hunk of my hair off after I passed out and burned my face in the chocolate fondue. Sorry.



    :::crawls out of liquor cabinet:::


    We also played around with the configuration on your computer, but you won't really discover the results of for months. It's a code with a 'timed release' formula.

    You may, however, notice a few viruses since we hit quite a few porn sites. In fact, you'll be pleased to know that we subscribed you to a few of them. Quite easy, they just automatically charge it to your internet account. And you get 30 minutes of free chat every day, included! Bessie, in particular, is quite eager to make your acquaintance:


    Yay! Welcome back! There's nothing like a vacation to make you appreciate home again.

    Oh, by the way... you'll notice a few new pictures on your computer -- Bucky and I had fun with the webcam.

    *helping Shari up*

    Oh, and you're out of mayo...

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    CKelli, didn't we fill that mayo jar before we left?

    And wordgirl, you have to OPEN YOUR EYES if you want to see God. Don't blame the crack pipe for that one. Blame the fondue in your eyes.


    We may have filled the jar, but that doesn't mean he's still not outta mayo...


    Okay, it's been three days. Say something!


    Yes, what's up?


    Yep. Still waiting for "much more..." here, too.


    Patience, patience: He said MUCH more. He didn't say WHEN more.


    Okay...spill the news


    OK, you've been back for days and I have posted a couple of times so that's something like 14 in dog years. The kids have trashed the house but if you don't post something soon we'll have to send the police round...


    i'm jonesin' for some more great pictures! i can't take a vacation myself right now but i can live vicariously thru someone i don't know!


    maybe it's taken a week to unpack?


    Happy Fathers Day!


    Happy Father's Day, Nils!

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