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    May 17, 2007



    I could care less about your snow. My day started out with a lawsuit. I woke up to find out that you are not fairly representing me, Mr. Ling. I told you to spell "labor" correctly or she'd find out!!! She is threatening the SPCA! Now I'm going to the slammer!

    wordgirl's 64 degrees and it will be 75 by the end of the day. Sunny. Breezy. Lovely scents from the herb garden. The earth is still moist here because of the torrential rains that have been hitting us every weekend, but this is PROM weekend and things promise to be nicer. Snow, at this point, would just make me depressed. Come back about mid-July (when it's 112 degrees and I'm opening my car door with a potholder) and ask me if I'd like some snow. Most likely, I'll say, "Yes, pretty please.".

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    My day started with awakening suddenly from a semi-disturbing dream involving stage-trained anuses. Sadly, that is 100% true.

    So...if the snow doesn't melt, what color will your balls be?


    With a 4-year-old padding into our room at 3:00a.m., and again at 3:30 freshly traumatized by a "bad dream". The alarm then rang at 4:00, and the day was off and running. No snow, though. I'll trade you my 4:00a.m. for your snow.


    Rico, I think you're being bullied by management. For those who wish to follow this laboUr/management dispute, go to:

    Hot S - I whine about the cold, but I'll take it over blistering heat any day.

    Bucky - the snow has melted, so my balls will be white. Had it not, I'm guessing they'd be blue - but not in a good way.

    Shari - I'm just hoping your kid didn't wake up to the same bad dream Bucky did. And 4AM isn't "wake-up" time .. it's time to go to bed.


    5:30am wake-up. 6:45 dropping Slinky off at the vets, 7:15am breakfast meeting with the boss.

    nothing to exciting really


    Dammit Nils, you took my guess -- Bucky, I was gonna say "blue"... but like a neon blue so he could see them in the snow, ya know?

    Shari, lawdy... 4:00am comes FAR too early in the day, doesn't it?

    My day started far too early, as well. I'm hoping this being at work thing is all a bad dream...


    Oh, I forgot to add "SNOW?! BWAHAHAHAHAHA"

    That is all.


    My day started with bird poop on the windshield (windscreen), and no water in the windshield wiper water container thingie. So I guess we both have white stuff in common.

    Hope your GOLF balls maintain high visibility, regardless of the weather.


    What the hell is 'cm'? is that the metric system or something?

    Von Krankipantzen

    So so sooooo wrong. On this side of the rock it is sunny and warm. Flip flop weather. Not raining for once. And now that I actually wrote that it will pour as of tomorrow just in time for the weekend. Crap!


    It's been cold lately. Well, until today anyway. It got up to 80 degrees F today. Too much change too quickly!

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