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    May 31, 2007



    Love the tree!! And the ducklings, and the perseverant boat owner... although I had been thinking perhaps it was merely another quirky Canadian spelling convention. ;) (Please don't hurt me.)


    LOL, four times?!!! I love it.
    The tree reminds me of a tradition down here in Florida that some of the builders swear by. They plant a tree on the roof for good luck after construction of the building is finished. 'course, it's never a mighty oak, go figure.

    And these pictures just confirm everything I've heard about Vancouver. What a beautiful city!! I've got to get out there someday.
    Hope you didn't lose too many golf balls down by the pond. (g) ;)

    Jim Fogg

    When the weather is good, there a few places finer than Vancouver!!


    Aaaaaawwwwww. Great ducklings.

    And the boat? You know, maybe the misspelling was on purpose, LOL. Because by now, if nobody has pointed it out to him... it must be a local deficiency in spelling skills!


    I saw the picture of the baby ducks and then one of my ovaries exploded. Thanks.


    See, I was so taken in by the fruit and chocolate display in the post above, I never even saw these pictures!

    These are great! What a lovely place. I hope you're having a great time.

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