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    May 20, 2007



    The fact that I know what "No game is to be dressed or cleaned in the rooms" actually means disturbs me greatly.
    Even more is your farewell - obviously you have a greener pasture in mind.

    vonKranki, you'd better give us a review!

    Hey, I thought you couldn't perform in the US???


    Wow. You must have played REALLY WELL today. New tour thoughts abound.....?


    Wtf: I have been known to occasionally slip across the border to visit my Uncle Ray in ... wherever. Of course I've never toured in the US without proper documentation. That would be illegal.

    Wayne: I've only gotten in one full round this season. It was a good round (83, thank you), but the new tour thoughts are all about the shows.


    You know, people cleaning game in a hotel room is a concept that never before crossed my mind. Now you've got me frightened of what else they may be doing that I never considered. Gah! I may never leave home again!! ;) Good luck on your farewell show -- I wish I could be in the audience.


    Cleaning Game in a hotel room makes me think of Dwight from the office telling the waitress how to kill a goose.

    Break a leg with the last show and Break a leg with what comes next.

    Stephen Pate

    The Road is both friend and foe. You do it for the money and ego but in the end it can seem lifeless.

    Robbie Robertson said the road was a killer. Levon Helm disagreed with him. He loves the Road.

    Bob Dylan has been on the road for 40 years, the last 18 in what has been called the Never Ending Tour. He has a few more helpers than Nils and makes a few million more.

    He has a truck to that turns into a swag store - that's organized.

    In the end, he is still one lonely guy going from town to town performing his stuff.


    The freedom of working freelance... nothing like it! I feel certain you will come up with something original and entertaining to fill your time with. Part time teaching? How about screenplays? You could start with the one for a certain love story we all know and love.
    Heh, heh, heh.

    Anyway, enjoy your last tour. 'Good Voyage' and all that...


    I'm glad you won't give up touring in England. That would upset me greatly - and you know that's not a good idea. No, folks, if you want to see Nils in person you'll have to come over here. It could be quite a party! :)

    Break a leg, Nils. I'm sure you'll go out on a high.

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    Now you can finally devote yourself to your life's passion, the churning out of bodice-ripping romance novels. (FYI - I can pose like Fabio for half the money he demands...just something to keep in mind when it comes time for the cover art).

    The Kept Woman

    Congrats on a long and distinguished career.

    Now gimme my money.

    (bwahahahaha...that's funny)

    The Kept Woman

    Congrats on a long and distinguished career.

    Now gimme my money.

    (bwahahahaha...that's funny)

    Wait...I just reread that...I don't mean that the career is funny b/c in fact that's pretty dang cool...but the gimme my money thing...that was funny.

    The Kept Woman

    Crap. Sorry about that.


    Congrats, Nils. It's so important to be doing something you love. You've done well for yourself is this arena, time to move on to the next. Whatever it is, you'll be great at it.


    You don't really have to concern yourself toooo much with what comes next, because as I recall, eclectic, ck and I are planning to pay you a little, um, visit. We may need one of those hotel rooms that DOES allow game-cleaning.

    Jim Fogg

    Change is aways good, I've done the career shift thing a couple of times and will likely do it again. My partner just did it as well. At our "age" priorities start to change. Paretnal health issues and death pushes us to the front of the queue so to speak....a time of reflection for sure....what's cool is the possibilities will only be limited by fear

    I know quite a few performers and exec types who do the road a lot, not nearly as glamorous at it appears.......



    When Bucky talks about your writing bodice-rippers does she have inside information???


    You've accomplished so much and it's exciting to think of where you will direct your talents and energy now. Let us know!!

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