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    May 22, 2007



    Yea, yea. I got the Kohl's discount at 45. I need to try the movie thing.


    I hear Fixodent helps cure that popcorn problem. And can you hear the dialogue with all that background noise in the theater? How 'bout the clarity of the picture? It's OK?? Good. Now, just remember to grab your walker on the way out so you don't fall. There's a good lad! ;)

    Jim Fogg

    Senior discount...I'm 53 as well.....does it include the liquor store.....if thats the case I'm in big time

    Bucky Four-Eyes

    I'm willing to show my tits if it will get me the senior discount.


    I'm also willing to let Bucky show you her tits if I can get the senior discount...


    Is Bucky implying that her Tits look like that of a senior citizen.


    Youngsters, what're ya gonna do with them?


    (Hint on Squirl's question... TAKE 'EM TO THE MOVIES!)


    Enroll in graduate school, Nils. Then you get the student discount. I am not kidding. At my age. Whilst also getting mail on an almost daily basis from the AARP.


    And here I get all upset when someone doesn't card me for alcohol...


    I'm just sitting here very quietly not saying a word. My brain is buzzing with a million comments I *might* make but, no, I shall refrain from kicking an old dog when he's down... ;)


    That was funny! I love you guys' quick wit and sense of humour:)

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